A New Friend

Hello.  Thought I’d better pop my head over the parapet to introduce myself. I’m new here and rather nervous, but my owner says you are all friendly so I mustn’t be afraid. (Deep breath…)

2016-06-02 20.49.37I’m a travel bear, bought for my new owner, Kit, by a friend because Kit was so broken-hearted when Bunny was bunny-napped whilst on holiday with her and her sisters on the island of Rhodes last September. Bunny was never found, never returned. I heard rumour he didn’t want to come home because he much preferred soaking up the sun all day on a deckchair on the beach. I can’t say I blame him and I do hope for his sake, and for Kit’s, that that’s true. I’d hate to think he’s still spinning round and around in that great washing machine in the sky…

The lady who gave me to Kit told me before she tucked me up in my little cardboard box that I’m going to have a lot of fun because Kit loves to travel and party a lot and that she will always take me wherever she goes. And it sounds like my adventures are going to start soon; in three weeks’ time, she’s off on her travels again. I only hope she remembers to take me. I’m sure she will and, as she also has Thugs Bunny whom she takes places too, I’m going to have a companion so I won’t get lonely when she’s not there. Gosh, I’m so looking forward to my new life instead of being stuck on a glass shelf in a shop in the middle of nowhere (well, in Wales actually, wherever that is) because the other Travel Bears that shared that shelf with me weren’t very sociable and rarely spoke to anyone.

However, between you and me and the backyard fence, I’m not so sure about her family. They’re a funny lot. They’re mad, in fact. Total loons. I’ve reached this conclusion very quickly. You might recall back on Easter Sunday it was Kit’s mother’s 90th birthday. The “proper” family gift was to be a group photo of this grand old lady with her family down four generations, the photo to be enlarged onto a canvas and framed. Well, I caught a glimpse of this photograph and this is it!


What do you think? Totally mad family, yes. I going to have some fun in the future  with this lot, I can tell.

Oh, I haven’t t2016-06-02 20.50.31old you my name, have I? I’m Mr Tumble. Kit gave me that name because she had great difficulty pulling open the box I was sleeping in when she unwrapped me and I tumbled out to the floor. I’m all right, I didn’t hurt myself. But from that moment she picked me up and gave me a squeeze and cuddle I knew I’d come to a good owner.

Well, that’s it for now and hope you’ll have me back soon to tell you all about my adventures with Kit.

PS: And just to put the record straight… here’s the real family group photo, with Mum in the middle with her four children on the sofa with grandchildren and great grandchildren gathered around. It is a shame that one grandson and great-grandson (little George – who’s not so little now) were unable to make the party, so I’ll have to persuade Kit and her loony sisters to organise a summer bbq so we can do it all again.



Mr Tumble


12 responses to “A New Friend

  1. What a lovely post. Great to meet you Mr Tumble x

  2. First, WELCOME Mr. Tumble. You’re awfully cute. I’m sure you’ll be getting extra cuddles for that. And thank you for being such a good companion for our friend, Kit. Second, I love the box you come in. “Please be careful. Bear in transit.” At first, I thought it said Bear in Training. Hahaha. And that family picture? Don’t worry. Lots of families do that. Ours does. Hmmm, does that make us loony, too? Except, what I find really funny is that there’s always someone who smiles nice and doesn’t do the crazy face. It looks like your new family is no exception. Enjoy the travels and we’ll be waiting to hear how much fun you’ll be having.

    • Thank you for the lovely welcome. Psst, regarding that family picture – see that girl in the back on the sofa, the one who’s not pulling a silly face… she’s stuck two fingers above her mum’s head. Kit tells me that loony sister may look all innocent and smiles, but she’s far from it where high jinks are concerned. Kit’s sisters weren’t called the Terrible Twins for nothing! 🙂

  3. What fun. Seems like you’re one lucky bunny and will have a time keeping up with Kit. Will look forward to future posts. Thanks for posting the family pictures loved them.

  4. Hello and welcome, Mr. Tumble! What a handsome little guy you are. You’re certainly going to have some fun now, and soon that lonely old glass shelf will be a faded memory. You have big paws to follow, but I’m certain you’ll fill them admirably. Have fun!.

    • Hello and thanks for the welcome. I’m hoping to have lots of chats here with Miss Vivvy and friends – and at least no one should lose me among the sheets – I’m the wrong colour… unless they’re purple, that is, and then Kit had better be extra special careful! 🙂

  5. Mr. Tumble! Welcome to our world! You are so adorable and sound like you will be having a lot of fun with Kit. AND just so you know, crazy families have the most fun!. Lots of laughter in your future. Enjoy your new life on the go. Jillian

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    Oh! Mr. Tumble, welcome to the OTBYF! It’s quite nice to meet you, and I quite enjoyed the goofy photo of the clan as much as the “normal” one! I think you’re right…you’ll have loads of escapades with that lot!! I also suspect that Kit will love you very much and treat you to all sorts of travels. Enjoy yourself!

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