Lavender Fields Forever

Isn’t it interesting that we plan trips to faraway places and yet so often miss what’s on our own doorstep? It’s the sort of conversation we’ve had at OTBF before, but it hit me as particularly true this week. AJ and I love our trips to the South of France, especially the Cote d’Azur, but we’ve also enjoyed trips further east along the coast to Provence to see the Lavender Fields. Miles and miles of glorious colour and scent which can take your breath away.


About five miles from where we live Somerset Lavender Fields  boast over five acres of lavender with more than 50,000 plants of amazing varieties. You can walk the fields and breathe in the delicious scents while bees hum and butterflies flutter by. The lavender fields have been there for over a decade and I’ve passed by on the nearby main road dozens of times, but only recently thought it was about time to plan a visit. It was so worth it.

There is so much to see and learn. Apart from walking the fields, there is a healing garden full of wonderful herbs, a pretty Rose Arbor to browse through, a shop selling varieties of plants, lavender of course, and gifts of candles, essential oils, biscuits, soaps, etc. We enjoyed morning coffee on the pretty little verandah overlooking the gardens and fields, and I’m proud to say I resisted the home-baked cakes and scones. 20160527_120201

Visiting the Lavender Farm on a particularly beautiful morning added to the sheer charm of the place, and made us want to return. Since it’s dog-friendly, I’m thinking Ms. Vivvy will be accompanying us next time and will especially enjoy a long walkies in the adjoining fields beforehand. We’ll certainly make sure to head back for a visit during harvesting time, usually late July/early August.20160527_120546

It made us realise that it really is worth taking the time to search out things locally to find little treasures and surprises. Now I’m off to browse my new Cooking with Lavender cookbook and then later will indulge in a warm bath scented with relaxing lavender essential oils fresh from the farm. Perfect.

10 responses to “Lavender Fields Forever

  1. Loved the post. As you know I drive past each time I visit you and mean to say we should go there but forget by the time I get to your house! It is a beautiful, calming place – great coffee shop too!! So near, we must go again soon.

  2. This is much like the lilac gardens. How do we manage to miss the gems that are practically on our doorsteps. I didn’t realize how many varieties of lavender there are. It seems to love this area and I have a couple of large plants. Now I need to look into getting another kind to compliment the type I have.

    • Yes, so many treasures on our own doorstep, Lavada.

      I also discovered that cut lavender stems help discourage flies from coming into the house. Something I’m going to try this summer!

  3. Lavender is my favorite scent! I’m jealous you got to do that, although about 4 hours from here is a Lavender Festival in July. Might just have to head up there and check out some local scents. 🙂 Thanks for reminding me to look around here for things to do.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Tricia! Your photos are quite lovely! How I wish I could have had morning beverages with you there (I don’t drink coffee or tea). Sounds so relaxing and peaceful and beautiful. At least once a year, Steve and I try to explore something local, and we’re generally amazed after the visit!

    • Thank you, Valerie! We could get you one of their herbal teas, so no problem 🙂 Glad you and Steve explore local places, it’s certainly something we intend to do more of.

  5. Lovely. Looks like a great place and who doesn’t love lavender? Jillian

  6. Great post. I never realised there was a lavender farm near you. I love lavender and will have to make a visit there this summer. It sounds and looks a lovely place. And as you say, we have these things on our doorstep and all to often pass them by or don’t even know about them. A few years back I quite by chance came across the gardens of Jekka McVicar about 15 mins drive from home. Fabulous place to visit and for years didn’t know it was there.

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