Lilac Gardens

2016-05-07T10-47-41-491Another beautiful place close to home. Strange how I can travel hundreds of miles from home to see places and miss what’s almost in my back yard. Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens is a National Historic Site in Woodland Washington. How have I missed it?

Last week Kris, daughter, Linda, friend, and I rectified this oversight. What a beautiful place. There are four acre’s of landscaped grounds with hundreds of lilac bushes and trees. We were to late to see the lilacs in bloom but the rhodie’s were gorgeous. We all vowed that an earlier trip is on our agenda for next year. I got two lilac’s but I want a deep triple purple so I really need to go back earlier in the year.

You can tour the home and it’s a step back in time that brought memories of my Nana’s house. In one of the rooms there’s a quilt that Hulda Klager made. Her bedroom furniture, which she painted, is still in her room.

The farm house was built by Hulda’s parents in 1889 and later was the home of Hulda and her husband. She lived there until her death in 1960 at the age of 96. Hulda’s life is a testament to the words, “age is only a number”. In 1948 the Columbia river flooded, (there are pictures in the house). It took out her lilac gardens and almost everything except the big tree’s. Hulda was 83 and rebuilt her gardens.

The website at tells the history of the gardens and the amazing woman who created them.

Kristi bought the book, “Where Lilacs S5109rufg4IL._AA300_till Bloom.”  I asked her how she liked it and she said it makes you want to get out in the yard.




18 responses to “Lilac Gardens

  1. I love lilacs. What a fascinating place, so interesting. I agree about visiting places near home, we have several nearby that I must make more effort to visit. Good start to a rainy Wednesday thank you.

  2. Oh, how I wish I were closer! I’d love to see the lilac gardens!

  3. Are those all lilacs in the picture? I had no idea they could come in such a myriad of colors. What a fun day!

    • The lilacs were pretty much through blooming. You’re seeing rhodies. Next year we’ll go earlier. And there are a lot more colors than I though. Look at the picture gallery. They come in single, double and triple.

  4. wonderful photo. AND wow on the 87 year old being spry enough to redo her gardens! What a great place. Jillian

  5. Such a beautiful place. We were there about 4 or 5 years ago. I bought 2 small lilac bushes there and even though I was laid up in the hospital they bloomed this year. I highly recommend everyone who can, to take a day and visit the Hilda Kluger Gardens. I also recommend the book by Jane Kirkpatrick. Very interesting and well written.

    • Hey lady, so good to hear from you. I’ve been following you on FB. That was a long stay. Sounds like you’re doing better. We are going down earlier next year.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous place. Would love to visit. It’s such a shame that we all have so many lovely places on our doorstep, yet we travel miles and miles to see faraway ones while ignoring nearby locales. Seeing beautiful gardens always inspires me to get stuck into mine.

  7. What a truely lovely place. I love lilacs; what I wouldn’t give to visit there. We’ve many places devoted to one species over here, particularly rhododendrons (which I adore) and roses, but nothing as spectacular as lilacs.

    • I would so love for you to visit the NW. Since getting to know Tricia we’ve found that our weather is similar to yours. Rhododendrons is our state flower. If ever you travel this way we’d love to have you stay over. Think of all the trouble Tricia, Laurie, You and Me could get into. 🙂 🙂 Oh and Nancy lives just down the road too. And Marie. Yep I’m thinking we need to plan a trip. 🙂

  8. Valerie J. Patterson

    What a lovely place to visit! Just seeing your picture made me miss my own lilacs! Our previous residence was home to an enormous lilac bush that took up the entire corner of our lot. Huge blooms could be found every spring. The bush was older than I am. Steve’s great-grandma planted that bush!! But sadly the new owner didn’t like it and had it removed along with my lavender rose bushes. 😦 We’re meeting with a landscaper for our new home, and I’m think I must have some lilacs!! 🙂

    • New Home? What did I miss? And, yes I’d say incorporate some lilacs. The two I got are planted but I want to get down there earlier next year and get a dark triple purple.

      • Valerie J. Patterson

        We moved in December 24th 2014! It’s been a year, so it’s past time to do some landscaping. Now that Steve is on the mend, we’re getting ready to enjoy what’s left of spring! That triple purple sounds beautiful. I hope you get it, Lavada!

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