I Am a Dull Person

Jillian here. This past three weeks, I’ve been sick with some stupid crud. I can’t seem to shake it and so basically all I have done is go to work, come home and rest and then do the same the next day. I’ve spent the weekends at home other than Sunday lunch with my parents and still am dragging myself around like a half-dead person. I ache all over still and have coughed up more than my quota of lungs.

I wish I had something fun/exciting to share as the rest of you have been doing – like spa days, babies being born, paintings and mad, bad cows, but I got nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

It’s been dull here- other than creeping along on the current book I was working on that I had hoped to finish by mid-April. I DID finally finish last night but it was slow because even though the words were there, the body wasn’t willing to sit at the machine after getting home from the day job.

My nephew’s wife is due to deliver their first baby later in the month so maybe I will have some pics next time. (They are in California so I’ll have to love him long-distance).

Happy May. May 1st was May Day and I’ve been calling SOS and Mayday for help to relieve my illness but it’s not working.  🙂


11 responses to “I Am a Dull Person

  1. Uh oh. Sounds like my March. Took eons to get better and that was under a doctor’s care. My sister got so sick, she had cough medicine, antibiotics, drops for her eyes and for her ears. The crud hit her everywhere. I sure hope you get better faster than you’ve been. Hahaha on the Mayday. I do hope you’ve seen a doctor, though. I went because I needed to sleep at night. I can handle anything during the day if I can sleep at night. Hang in there! And happy, happy Mother’s Day to you!

    • thanks! I’ve been through two rounds of meds. I can’t take a Zpac as I am allergic so I’m kind of at the mercy of lesser drugs. It’s crazy how long it’s dragging on. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well. Hope you have a great time with the family.
      and that poor MAYDAY call only helped with getting me some sympathy- which I will take! LOL

  2. I’ll second Laurie in saying I hope you’ve been to the doctor. A few days are one thing but this is way to long. Let us know in a few days how you’re feeling.

  3. I do hope you turn a corner soon. It will pass. Sending lots of positive thoughts. Love and big hug!

  4. Do hope you feel better. Twice this year I’ve had this dreaded bug and each time it’s gone to my chest, so I know how miserable it is. Sending a warm hug.

  5. Oh, poor you. It’s rotten feeling ill, especially when you have things to be getting on with. Take care of yourself, and know it will pass, hopefully soon. And many congrats on finishing the book!

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    Hopefully by now you are right as rain, Jillian. June will be a better month for you. I can feel it! Take care.

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