Daily Archives: April 27, 2016

April Treats!

April has been a mixed month for many of us but I have been very lucky and believe me I am not complacent. I have sent positive thoughts to all of you but thought I’d share some of my April treats with you in the hope they make you smile.

Technically, my April Treats began on 31st March but I claim poetic licence! My dear niece Rhiannon was 50 in January so I bought her a token for a two hours spa session in Bath. Her daughter Kerys, who is 21, came with us too so we made a merry inter-generational trio. Our adventure began at midday when we decided rather than shopping we would go for cocktails. A favourite bar of mine is All Bar One which serves food, coffee, and alcohol all day plus plays jazz or “good” music, my definition, in a lovely atmosphere. We were fascinated with the names of the cocktails and shakes, some of which had a teapot symbol beside them. Our helpful waiter, Alex, explained the teapots were suitable for two people. I expect Prohibition might have been similar but not as colourful. I wanted a change from my usual dacquiri or margaritta so was happily guided by the girls. Rhiannon and I had a teapot of Raspberry Berry Surprise, the base being gin, and Kerys had a “shake” which came in a small milk bottle, the base was vodka. image6They were delicious, especially with the homemade nachos to soak up the alcohol, but we decided not to have more than one as we had a long afternoon ahead! So a good start.

Next stop was the Thermae Spa in Bath, built over some of the old Roman Baths I think, on three floors. We excitedly got changed, donning our robes and slippers (provided) and headed up to the open air pool on the roof. The sun shone gloriously, as the water is a great temperature we floated gently admiring the views of the hills around Bath and the Abbey Courtyard below. On the next floor down are four aromatherapy steam rooms plus a treatment studio. We had previously decided to forgo the treatments and enjoyed the healthy cleansing of the steam rooms, I can’t remember all of them but the eucalyptus was potent! In between each room we had a shower in the mineral shower to refresh ourselves. In the basement is a beautiful pool full of minerals (apparently) and not many people. I gave the jacuzzi a miss and chose just to wallow and enjoy the relaxation. After two hours we showered and changed then on to the food treat.

We were treated by my brother to afternoon tea with prosecco in the Pump Rooms. Wonderful. Linen cloths, crystal chandeliers and classical music quartet playing softly, very civilised. The tea arrived and we were shocked image4as it was impossible to eat it all, we brought some home with us! Delicious doesn’t cover it. Our waitress picked up on birthday celebration so the quartet suddenly began playing Happy Birthday and a gorgeous chocolate muffin with a candle arrived while the staff sang and other customers applauded. Rhiannon didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and was overcome with emotion. She thought we had arranged it but waitress told her they try to do that for special occasions. The staff were professional but so helpful and friendly. A gentleman at the next table took a photo of us image2as a memento. A lady at another table came over to thank us as she had received some bad news so her husband brought her to tea from the hospital and we had made her smile. What a treat, hard to top but …

We came home where Peter, my husband, had another bottle of prosecco chilling and had booked a table in our local Italian Restaurant. We rested and sipped then off the four of us went – more food! It was excellent, usually is, and the waiters also picked up on birthday so sang! What a day. We came home unable to eat or drink another thing and fell into bed happy and content.

Two other treats for me too, one I’ll tell you about next month – Painting the Modern Garden Monet to Matisse at the Royal Academy in London. Then the Choir Convention in St. George’s Chapel, Brandon Hill, Bristol. We sang our song to 600 other members of choirs from across the West Country. It was a blast!

I hope I’ve made you smile but most importantly I hope you all have a good month of May, perhaps with the odd treat!