Here we are with another 80 degree plus day.  Crazy!!  Jim got his greenhouse planted last week and everything was up very quickly.  We probably have enough cucumbers to feed the whole county.  Usually we don’t even plant our garden until late May or early June, we sometimes get a late frost in May and have to redo, so not much reason to get in a hurry.   That isn’t the case this year.  The plants are going to be too big to keep in the greenhouse for very long.  Hopefully we won’t be planting them in the cold and the rain!!

Even the cows are complaining.  They haven’t even come up to the house until late in the day after the sun has set.  Then they stand out here looking at me like “come on, feed us”.  We had an interesting incident last week.  We use three of our neighbor’s fields for pasture.  Their son, who lives on the property, with his wife and three kids decided to put chickens in one of the fields.  Of course the cows would lean against the chicken fence and the chickens would get out, sometimes ending up in our barn which is quite a ways away.  Anyway, we put up a gate to keep the cows out of that field but their little boy loves to leave gates open.  So the mother comes over and says our cows have pushed open the gate and are in the field with the chickens again. (Smart cows, they can open gates).  Then she tells me they can’t go in the field because the cows chase the kids, the little boy is maybe 4.  Strange I have never known our cows to have that much energy, but even with very gentle cows I wouldn’t let my four year old in the field with them.  Then she says, “They won’t let me chase them back because they are so mean”.  Very strange, didn’t know I had mean cows.  So Jim and I head over that way, to fix the gate and move the cows.  They are, of course, are lying in the furthest field and as far away as possible, nowhere near the HPIM6063chicken pen.  I walk up there, clap my hands and say, get back in your field. After three tries of trying to get up (they are very fat) they manage to get on their feet and waddle back through the gate with me walking behind them.  Oh well, we actually are just doing the neighbor a favor by keeping his grass down and our cows really don’t need that grass but we’ll see what happens when he gets home.

Meanwhile spring is here and we are “doing” softball again.  Jim keeps score for our son’s high school team and our youngest granddaughter is playing on a tournament team, so lots of games.  (I have a sun tan already) in fact someone asked me the other day if I have been on an exotic vacation—nope just softball and farm work!!  Here is a picture of my granddaughter with one of our mean cows.

Have a super great spring everyone.  (Whoops sorry this posted late but my original didn’t post and for some reason I hadn’t saved it.)


7 responses to “APRIL OR AUGUST??

  1. Love the day on a farm. Brought back memories. It’s hard to tell what the weather is going to do. Raining here, hot then around 10:00 pm the rain started. It will be interesting to see if we have bumper crops this year.

  2. Sounds like you may have a 4 year old “cow whisperer”! In a naughty 4 yeay old!! Like the way you keep calm about it all as do the cows. Enjoy the weather while it lasts. Love the insight into your life.

  3. Mean cows, huh? I doubt very much that’s the case. I suspect the Mom is nervous around them. I haven’t had much chance to hang with cows and the first time I was in a pasture with no fence between me and the cow, it didn’t matter that the cow was 20 feet away. I was nervous. Lol.
    Rain returned here last night, heralded in by a thunderstorm. It was cool to watch the lightning.
    And late or not, we LOVE your posts, Nancy!

  4. Loved your post, Nancy! Now I have an image in my head of your smart, mean cows, LOL!

  5. LOL Mean cows…? Don’t believe that. Loved your post, you bring the farm to life for us. As for 80 degrees – we wish! It’s end of April here and yesterday had cold, frost, snow, sleet, hail, thunder and lightening all in one day as well as sunny skies. Heating back on too.

  6. Love the cow story! How funny. LOL. 80 is high this early for you, isn’t it? Jillian

  7. Valerie J. Patterson

    Wow! You have some very talented and smart cows! Hope they are behaving these days, and after reading your May’s post, I’m guessing things have settled down the with neighbor lady (but not her 4-yr old). 😛

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