April – Where’s Spring?

I know, I live in the Pacific North West and we usually won’t see spring until June, but this year I’ve become a little tired of rain.

We did have a really nice week at the end of March, the sun came out and we actually dried out a bit.  The bad thing was I was at a writer’s conference so I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the sunshine.  And neither did Miss Penny as she was at the dog hotel and had day camp every day.

I’m looking forward to some sun, but not super hot temps.  Hopefully this summer won’t be like last summer with the blazing 90 degree temps for weeks at a time.  I’ve been told that last year was an anomaly.

What sun we have had is making my lawn grow (I can hear it), the tress have bloomed and there’s lots of new green leaves.  So this means soon I’ll have to start watering everything to keep it nice looking.  Not that I mind, I enjoy having green around me.

Here’s a picture of Miss Penny all sacked out – she’s a tired puppy from all the fun she had at day camp while she was at the dog hotel.  And what’s so funny is she can be a snorer.



5 responses to “April – Where’s Spring?

  1. You must have written this a few days ago. I got back last night from a 3,000 + road trip to 80 degree temps here. I think the Pacific NW might have skipped spring and gone straight to summer. Supposed to be another hot day today.

    Penny looks like a happy camper. And it’s not snoring it’s purring or so a friend told me.

  2. Okay, so I almost hate to say this here. Long range forecasts are for a warmer Spring and warmer Summer here this year. We’ve had some amazing sunny days here, but I admit that when sunshine arrives, I am usually ready for a season change before it is. I am more of a cold-weather person. I think I’m the only one in the world like that. Lol.
    And a hello to the always-cute Miss Penny!

  3. Know what you mean about the rain. Hope it improves soon for you and Miss Penny. Needing some sun myself too. We’ve had a few warm days but frosty and cold to start and end and lots of fog which is most unusual here in April. Roll on summer… please. 🙂

  4. Hope the garden is going well. Happy spring! Jillian

  5. We’ve had a pretty wet spring here in the UK, but things are looking up a little now. Ready for summer!

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