Wedding Report

I’m back from my trip to Texas for my cousin’s son’s wedding. It was a great time but I came home to two cases that caused me a lot of stress. Grr. It makes me mad that I can’t seem to have a minute without some crazy lawyer getting spun up and filing junk while I’m gone. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you!

The bride and groom are an awesome, fun-loving couple and we had so much fun, it should be illegal. LOL.  Now, don’t get me wrong- nothing against the law was done but their friends sure do party hard. A few times, I found myself wondering if these people were really almost 30. They were having a ball but I have no idea how they were going to feel the next day.

The rehearsal dinner was fab. It was at a place called Vincent’s in downtown Houston. It was Italian and I had to very best filet I’ve ever  had in my life. It was done to perfection and so very, very tender. *swoon*

The wedding was gorgeous. It took place at a renovated horse farm in Tomball, Texas. The ceremony was outside at a replica cantina and the reception was in the renovated barn. The bathroom area was made from some of the old stalls. Super cute.

During the ceremony, the bride’s veil came off and she called out, “Man down.” We all laughed as her mom and a bridesmaid fixed it. When she was set, she said, “Time in.” I love, love how she didn’t even hesitate and was so comfortable being herself in that environment.

The cutting of the groom’s cake was also amusing. The bride and groom pretended it was super difficult. So funny. They are going to have a wonderful marriage full of love and laughter, I know  it.

Here’s a few pictures: including the “man down” one. 465396400417436437440

11 responses to “Wedding Report

  1. Ahhh, what fun! They do sound like they’ll have a lot of laughter in their marriage. Congratulations to them. And I’m glad you got a little getaway, even if you DID have to come home to stress. Sigh. Hope the cases have calmed down.

  2. Great photos of their wonderful day. I love the doorway picture you captured!

  3. Happy couple happy life. You capture pictures so well and did justice to that door.

  4. Oh what fun. I do love weddings full of laughter and merriment. The photos are lovely and the bride looked stunning. Hope you have had time to calm down too now back in the real world. Take care. 🙂

  5. Really great photos of what was obviously such a lovely day. The bride and groom sound as if they are going to have a fun marriage if their wedding is anything to go by!

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    Oh, such a lovely bride! Perfect setting for a wedding, too The pictures make it very evident that they are a very fun couple. So glad you got to go and very sorry about the attorneys who got their dander up while you were away kicking up your heels! Hope the dust has settled.

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