Hope …

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Easter. I had too much chocolate but lots of time with friends and family which is never too much. The title of my blog conjures up many images especially during the dreadful events of the past month and wider conflicts affecting thousands of people. One incident this month gave me reason to hope personally and in the wider context.

Every March I join a group of people to collect for Marie Curie Care, originally cancer care but now helping in other areas of care. The symbol for the charity is a bright yellow daffodil. I am Welsh and our national emblem is a daffodil, or a leek, I expect you know my preference! The friend who coordinates us all met me with a collection tin and a tray of yellow daffodil pins plus a bright yellow daffodil hat. “Janey I know you won’t mind wearing this in aid of a good cause” he says, yes I stood for two hours wearing a large, yellow daffodil hat! It was in a good cause and the smiles, comments and fun that resulted were well worth feeling stupid. The wind was whistling around me, rain threatened, it was freezing cold but I had an amazing two hours. People were so generous, children and teenagers queued to put money in my tin and have their pin. Everyone was cheery, smiling, chatting to strangers. One lady brought me out a cup of hot chocolate from our local coffee shop. Others shared their stories of family members and friends who had been helped by this charity, some their personal challenges coming to terms with cancer. I felt privileged to be there and forgot about feeling ridiculous. People all over the country take part in this collection so it wasn’t me alone in a yellow hat, the good that results from us doing this small thing is endless. People are given hope, help, support, love and time. The burden of seeing a loved one in pain and despair is shared. Hope makes lives brighter even in the darkest hours. The people in my town helped too and made me realise how open-hearted and generous most folk are. Laughter is like a drug, one of us laughs and soon everyone is joining in. Simplistic but hopeful. (I’m the second from the right with hat and tray!)


m652 Marie Curie collectors High Street

In full colour!

The words of the song my choir wrote, a musical rendition is not possible. They express hope too.

When will I see the sun

Verse one

Barriers, Borders

Red tape and barbed wire

Clipping my wings, curbing my flight

When will I see the sun


Hope is warming the soul

Possibilities unfurl, possibilities

Like water from a fountain

Like a bird flying free

I’m standing in the sun

Full of possibility

Verse two

Hold my hand walk with me

Together we are one

Community sings unity rings

Now we can feel the sun

Repeat Chorus then Bridge

Frustration, discrimination, isolation, desperation

Aspiration, elation, inspiration, celebration

Repeat Chorus


13 responses to “Hope …

  1. First off, I too, am from an area that is full of Daffodils. I think that’s why I love yellow. These first splashes of Spring color are…hopeful. 🙂 We even have a Daffodil Parade each year. 83 years strong!
    What you do, raising money for such a cause and in such a way, is inspiring. You put smiles where there are frowns. Lighten a load, even if it’s only for a moment or two. That kind of sharing is priceless, so well done! I love the pic!

  2. Thank you Laurie you are always so supportive and kind. I’ve just received a colour version of the photo from the paper but not sure how to post it! It really is daffodil yellow. They are one of my favourites too for the reasons you stated.

  3. I hope the colour one shows. Technology not my strong point!

  4. The color one came through perfect. You all look AWESOME!

  5. Thank you but no! X

  6. Well done, Janey. You did really great. It’s often not easy to get people to part with their money, especially when you’re vying for attention amongst a lot of other charity collectors, but you can charm the birds from the trees, my friend. So proud of you. And, according to AJ, you look particularly fetching in your daffodil hat 🙂

  7. Thank you my darling, and for your help with black and white photo which suits me best. Thank AJ for his “compliment”! X

  8. Valerie J. Patterson

    Loved this post! Hope reigns! Without it, where would we all be? We have Daffodil Days here, which also supports cancer research. I like the pictures of you and your fellow volunteers. Really like your song. Take care, Jane, and keep being willing to wear the yellow hat! 😛

  9. Well done, and such a worthwhile cause. Great hat, too. I love daffodils and always buy a bunch at the supermarket every week during Spring from the Marie Curie stand.

  10. Thank you both for your comments. I love the fact we have similar things in both countries but different perspectives. Raining today. Daffodils still nodding their heads though.

  11. Way to go! that is sooo cool. I love that you’re so involved- it is needed for sure. I also am a fan of daffodils. Jillian

  12. Hope, where would we be without it. And, people like you. Loved the blog thank you for sharing.

  13. I agree Lavada. Thanks to you and our blog members too for friendship and support. A positive aspect of internet, great talented group of women.

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