Happy Easter Weekend!

Oh, I love Easter. It’s perhaps my favourite time of year. The days are drawing out, daffodils are everywhere, the lambs are frolicking in the fields around us, and we have the promise of better weather on the horizon.

20160325_131758Today the weather here in the UK is glorious, so we took Vivvy to the seaside. It’s the first time she has seen the sea and felt the sand beneath her paws and she absolutely loved it. We did an hour’s walk one way, then stopped for coffee and a hot cross bun at a lovely seaside cafe, before heading back the other way for another hour’s walk. Apart from coaxing her still for a photo shoot, I don’t think Vivvy stopped running once. There were so many dogs around and it was lovely to see them all playing and enjoying themselves in the sunshine.

20160325_164603I’m going to do an awful lot of walking this weekend because then I can have a guilt-free chocolate Easter egg. A friend bought one each for me and AJ and I’ve spent the last couple of days with that egg sitting on my table just calling to be eaten. I so love chocolate. And I heard that the chocolate of an Easter egg once broken becomes devoid of all calories. Apparently, it’s something to do with the chocolate pieces coming into contact with the air 😉 Ha. Works for me 😆

Happy Easter!



10 responses to “Happy Easter Weekend!

  1. I like how you think regarding those chocolate calories. And it just warms my heart to see Vivvy have so much fun. I bet she slept well afterward, eh? Happy, happy Easter!

    • Hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter, Laurie. Vivvy slept for the best part of two days after that walk on the beach, she was absolutely exhausted. She kept doing those little squeaks in her sleep and we wondered if she was re-living her day in her dreams, LOL.

      Yes, I’m liking the chocolate idea, and enjoyed that egg all the more for the knowledge 😉

  2. Happy Easter to you. Vivvy looks great and day sounds wonderful. Enjoy your Easter calorie free chocolate and bun!

  3. Happy Easter everyone. Sounds like Vivvy, AJ and you had a fun day. With the weather here this weekend, perhaps not as much walking done as you would like, at least today is a lot better, isn’t it? Now, about these chocolate Easter eggs … At Easter and Christmas chocolate has no calories. Eaten after dark, will give you nightmares and after midnight will turn you into a Gremlin so best eaten before lunch. Enjoy and see you soon. 🙂

    • No, not so much walking, Kit. Weather has been weird, hasn’t it?

      I like your thinking about festive chocolate, and I didn’t know about the nightmares and Gremlin-changing aspects of it. Before noon it is then 🙂 We do what we must 🙂

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Your time away sounds absolutely heavenly! Yes, I concur that Vivvy was reliving her excursion in her dreams. 😛 Now about that chocolate theory…I love it! I have a friend who claims she bakes every dessert without calories or fat. She’s so adamant that I have to believe her! lol. Enjoy your chocolate eggs freely.

  5. LOL, Valerie. I think I’ll adopt your friend’s philosophy. From now on, I will bake calorie and fat free 🙂

  6. sounds like a lovely day. It looks like Vivvy had a blast! Happy Easter, a little late! Jillian

  7. Love the verbal painting of spring with the daffodils blooming. And Vivvy looked so beautiful in the picture on the beach. You’re all lucky to have each other. And, I love Kit’s calorie free chocolate at Christmas and Easter.

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