Who Does This? Two Crazy Things!

Jillian here. I am leaving on Thursday for a wedding in Texas. Who sets their wedding the Saturday before Easter? This is so crazy. It’s a must-attend event for me as it is my cousin’s son and I think of her children as nephews ( and a niece) since she and I are so close. But, it upsets my mother especially that I won’t be home for Easter. I know I’ll have a great time but then there’s that whole mom-guilt thing hanging around.  LOL

I figure one of two things happened with this wedding. Either they picked their date and sent out the “save the date” cards before realizing it was Easter weekend or they decided deliberately to have it Easter Saturday so people would send their regrets and they wouldn’t need to feed them.  LOL!  I am quite sure the second one wasn’t it! 🙂

In other news, my mother had to have her middle toe amputated on  her right foot. She’s had some issues with it for a while and the infection spread to the bone. They recommended she have it off to avoid it spreading to other bones. It was pretty scary what could have happened.

Her surgery was scheduled for 5:30 PM on a Wednesday. They called her at 10:00 AM to see if she could come early as they had a cancellation. When she got there and they asked if she’d eaten, she said she had had some toast and milk at 7:00 AM. They then said since she ate, she’d have to wait until 5:30 PM  after all (why they didn’t ask before she went over there, I don’t know). She was a bit miffed at that but then the doctor came in and said he could do it under local anesthesia if she wanted to go ahead.

The crazy woman said, “Yes.”  What in the world is wrong with her??? The mere thought of that gives me the  heebie-jeebies. But she went on and had it done. She said she could hear him sawing away. *shudders*

My son said she did  it “Civil War style” and the doctor told my dad that she “Is one brave lady.”  Me? I think she’s one nutty lady. 🙂

Anyway, she’s better and told me on Friday that she goes to the doctor again on Wednesday and he’s going to tell her if she’s allowed to drive. Then in the next sentence, she told me she’d driven to my nephew’s house. *shaking my head*-  see what I mean? She’s certifiable.  LOL!  But I love her!!

Catch ya in April!!




13 responses to “Who Does This? Two Crazy Things!

  1. You r mother sounds like quite a card! My mother never used lidocaine or novacaine at the dentist no matter how hard they drilled. They say I a brave, but your mother has me beat.
    My husband wanted to schedule OUR wedding for Christmas Eve! That got changed fast.
    I wish the the couple all the best and that you have a very good time.

    • Yes, my mother is def. a card. LOL! AND I am glad you didn’t do your wedding Christmas Eve. That would have been worse than Easter weekend. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, I want to be knocked out, really really knocked out for anything that is surgery. I’d even go under for a filling if I could. 🙂

    I’m thinking your probably right in the wedding was scheduled without realizing it was Easter. I could do that as I always mess up the date for Easter. I need something set in concrete like Christmas and New Years. Enjoy the trip and the visits you’ll have.

    • I agree about the being knocked out, Lavada. Me, too!!

      And yea, I always get confused on how Easter is calculated. I like hard and fast dates as well. 🙂 Easier to remember for sure.

      Thanks for the good wishes. I know it’ll be fun!

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    Oh my! Your mother is definitely an independent thinker and does as she sees fit for herself. Hope she keeps that spunk the rest of her years. You’ll be glad of it! As to the wedding, I suspect they didn’t realize the date either, and then were committed to it once they realized it. Enjoy Texas and ask Mom to have Easter dinner later in the week just this once. OR, leave me your keys, Steve and I will house sit and we’ll have Easter dinner with your mom!! 😛

    • She has always been independent and spunky. She’s def. A character. LOL

      AND I’d leave you the key but you’d have to hang out with my husband, son and Hobbes. Trust me, Hobbes is the most fun of the three. 🙂

      • Valerie J. Patterson

        LOL. Loved your response! Hobbes and Steve would make a great pair! Happy Easter!

  4. God bless your mother for not letting anything get her down. Personally, I’d have waited for the anesthesia. 🙂 Have fun at the wedding!

    • Me, too, Laurie. Me, too. Mom is way braver than me. LOL

      Thanks re: wedding. My cousin is a hoot- she’s very much like my mom so should be a blast.

  5. Oh wow, your mum is amazing, Jillian. I think it must be down to the older generation being made of sterner stuff, because it’s the sort of thing my mum would do too. Oh heck, just give me everything going and knock me out completely 🙂

    Enjoy the wedding!

  6. What an amazing lady. Me – I’d be out for the count at just the thought of being awake during any procedure. Hope the wedding went well but yes, a crazy date. Am sure it was an oversight. If they didn’t keep changing the date of Easter life would be a lot simpler and easier to plan these things.

  7. What a wonderful lady your mum is, so brave. Hope she’s recovering well. Also that the wedding went well too.

    • Thanks Jane, She is much better and is back to her normal routine. Just a bump in the road for her. She’s a strong lady for sure. The wedding was lovely. Jillian

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