More Remodeling

image-6Maybe this time it’s more like redecorating. The good thing about purchasing a pre-owned house is that you can redecorate and remodel it to your taste. The bad thing about purchasing a pre-owned house is you might have to redecorate or remodel for your taste. For me this house was move in ready except… The rugs needed to be stretched and after checking with neighbors it seems that solution didn’t work for long … so the hardwood floors. In the kitchen all the appliances were white and the ice maker in the fridge wasn’t working and the stove was electric so changing to first stainless steel and second a gas range was just too tempting.

It had been awhile since I’d purchased appliances and I was in for a bit of a reality check. It seems that since the last time when we purchased an appliance and it was delivered complete with installation things have changed so that a licensed plumber has to hook up the ice maker and the gas. I guess a home owner can do it but I’m not sure.

To make the whole procedure a little more image-5complicated I didn’t have gas in the kitchen. Yep, gas furnace, hot water heater and fireplace. Even a gas hook up on the patio but not in the kitchen. So understandingly I did have to have that installed. And, I’m fortunate in that my son is a plumber with his own business. All in all it took a week to get it all in and hooked up but I love it.

So next thing on the list is getting the yard in shape and with the abundance of rain that may not happen for a while. Maybe it’s time to play and let the projects wait for a bit.

17 responses to “More Remodeling

  1. Nice!! I can hardly wait to see it ..

  2. Come on up. Coffee’s on.

  3. Looks awesome. And perfect timing as the weather WILL be getting better so you can start on that yard. 🙂

    • You think? Sometimes, around this time of year, it seems the rain never will stop. 🙂 But then again March is known for wind and rain. Still I’ve got some big outside plans for April.

  4. Cool!! So what all did you change? Stove, refer and???

  5. Looks great, gardening can wait.

    • Today is finally looking like it might be without rain but the overall forecast for the next few days isn’t looking like I’ll have a lot of choice with the yard.

  6. Oh, I love changing things up, at least in theory. It gets annoying when workmen don’t play ball, but aside from that I enjoy the idea of it 🙂 Your kitchen looks really great, and am I right in thinking that you US girls get to have the double door refrigerators as sort of standard? Here in the UK we only tend to have single door, and have to pay the earth for double. So I’m in lust mode 🙂

    • Actually it wasn’t the workmen, everyone was great but their hands are tied on what they can do because of State reg/rules. Or maybe it is county I’m not sure. Yes, double door refrigerators are a norm here. In fact I got a really good price on this one, It was cheaper than the dishwasher. 🙂

  7. Valerie J. Patterson

    Steve and I are looking at new appliances, too. New range and new dish washer, plus the house came with a gas dryer, which I hate! Can’t wait to get rid of that thing! Your kitchen looks nice, and you have plenty of time to enjoy the rain before tackling that yard!

    • Uhhh enjoy the rain, it’s clear your not from around here. We are way past enjoying it. 🙂 We had gas plumbed for a gas dryer at the other house but never put one in. Now maybe it’s a good thing.

      I’m really enjoying the new appliances, its surprising how quiet they are. Technology has come a long way. We’ll expect pictures when you get your new ones.

      • Valerie J. Patterson

        Maybe I should clarify…Enjoy the down time that comes with rain. I miss the days of curling up with a good book or an old movie because the rain prevented me from going outside. My cousins in Louisiana have had severe flooding this month. Sand bagging homes and schools and such. Roads washed away and bridges too. We don’t fully realize the power of water until it hits too close to home. Hope you have sunnier days ahead! Yep, hope to have pictures soon. 😛

  8. I looks lovely, Lavada. I’m glad you’re making the changes to make it yours!! Jillian

  9. Thanks Jillian, I love the new look and having a gas range instead of an electric is wonderful.

  10. Love the kitchen, Lavada. Mine’s in need of a revamp but that’s way down on the list – have too much repair and renovation due in the garden, once the rain and wind stops here. Oops there goes another wooden fence panel…:)

  11. I should be doing more in the garden too. But…. I think my next project in the house is the master bath. I hate this shower. Not for awhile though. First I need to recuperate from this road trip and the Jamaica trip and the new TV and ….. 🙂

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