Garden Show


image-2 I had the opportunity to go to the Seattle Garden show at the convention center a few weeks ago for the first time. We were there four hours and saw image-4half so it looks like I need to try to get up there again next year.

The only bad thing was we took a van from Jubilee so there wasn’t a lot of room to bring stuff back. But then I found out that a lot of the booths ship things so not so bad after all.

One of the displays was metal folk art from Haiti. They have a website at   I bought a piece and intended to hang it on my fence but once I got it home it seemed to want to be inside. And since I had a perfect place …..

The pieces are made by Haiti artisans who use cast-off 55 gallon steel drums. They pound them flat, clean and sand them, then the artist chalks his design onto the metal. It’s heavy, tedious work of cutting out the pattern with a hammer and chisel.

The pieces are suitable for indoor or outdoor. I love mine. Since I’ve downsized I really pay attention to how much work it is to dust a piece. This one is easy a light swish of a duster will do it.




10 responses to “Garden Show

  1. Easy to clean and beautiful, too? That’s a winning combination. So there’s not just garden stuff (flowers, tools, etc.) at a garden show? Might have to catch one sometime. 🙂

  2. Love the ornament. Went to Spain last year and regret not buying something similar for the garden – a good excuse to go back soon. Love garden shows, always come back full of ideas and inspiration – just what’s needed here at the moment as we finally begin the massive revamp of our rear and side garden. 🙂

    • Will look forward to pictures and blogs on the revamp. We have a garden tour here in Jubilee with people opening their yards. There are some fantastic landscaping and I alway come back ready to do something here.

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    Very nice find, Lavada! My father-in-law went to Haiti last fall and brought me back a lovely hand-carved jewelry box. It’s too lovely to hide in my bedroom, so it sits on the mantle. Enjoy your piece, too.

    • The story of the artists that create these and other works of art is interesting. You might want to check out the website. That your father-in-law thought to bring back such a special treasure makes it priceless. Enjoy.

  4. Gorgeous piece and easy to clean. My kind of ornament 🙂 Glad you had a good time at the show.

    • We only got about half way through and that was like 4 hours. It’s huge made me want to hurry the weather along here. I finally got out in the yard yesterday and it felt good.

  5. wow. I love it. So cool. Glad you found it. Jillian

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