Living with Her Ladyship

Years ago, I h20150708_141657eard Cesar Millan say that when you adopted a dog, you didn’t necessarily get the dog you wanted, but you certainly got the dog you needed. Well, when we adopted Vivvy we certainly wanted her, but in the eight months she’s been with us she has given us some lessons we didn’t even know we needed to learn. She has taught us to slow down, to savour the days and not just rush through them in a hive of activity. We’ve both learned to stop and smell those proverbial roses. A huge part of the day is spent walking her, playing with her, and just watching and enjoying her antics.

20160226_165027We’d boarded her as a guide dog puppy so knew her character, her little ways, and her basic needs. She was a nervous little thing, but extremely loving and sweet. She can also be a little madam, very adept at getting her own way, especially when her daddy is around. She answers to a variety of names, which should give you some idea of her status in the Jones’ household, among them are Her Ladyship, Princess Vivvy, The Duchess, Her Majesty and Lady Vivien of Somerset.Favourite Spot

We don’t have children so have never really had the responsibility of looking after anyone but ourselves on a day to day basis. If we wanted to go out for the day we just went, if we fancied a few days away somewhere we just packed our bags. On the days one of us was out with friends, and the other one wanted to do something too, we didn’t have to think twice. All that has changed. It took a little adjusting at first. There was now a third party to consider and neither of us had ever had to do that. But we’ve gotten into a great routine and are lucky to have some lovely friends who regularly look after Vivvy for us if we have to be away. She loves going to stay and is thoroughly spoiled, it’s like a home from home for her.

Bronze Assessment Nov 15I take her clicker training oncea week (daddy doesn’t come with us because he thinks she’s already perfect 🙂 ). She recently attained her Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award with a score of 97 out of 100 (giving her daddy further fuel for his argument that she is the perfect dog, LOL).

We love her with a passion, sometimes frighteningly so. She has made such a difference to our lifestyle, but we truly wouldn’t be without her. Vivvy makes us laugh, worry, relax, plan and procrastinate, especially when it comes to my writing routine. Often, as I’m trying to focus on a plot point, a toy gets dumped in my lap or two paws land on the keyboard. One look at those eager eyes and it’s hard not to indulge her. She has widened our hearts, stretched our brains, depleted our bank account, gotten us fitter, and given us much joy. Having her was one of the best decisions we have ever made.



12 responses to “Living with Her Ladyship

  1. Oh My Gosh Tricia, loved your post and who wouldn’t fall in love with that beautiful dog. Vivvy was certainly waiting for she was meant for you and you for her. This was a happy post to wake up to this morning.

  2. If you lived just a little closer I’m a very good dog sitter😍😍. Welcome to our world. When we leave for a couple of days bit costs more than the motel room to get someone to come stay with the dogs and cows. They are so worth it ENJOY!!

  3. Lovely post Trish. Vivvy is delightful and chose well picking you and AJ. Well done Vivvy on your award, you trained Trish well! I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon. X

  4. what a sweetie! AND I know she makes life so much fun. Fur babies are the most selfless and awesome kind. They always give love! Jillian

  5. Ahhhh, she has been so good for you, and you for her. She’s beautiful, and clearly queen of the castle. I’m so happy you got to keep her!

  6. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Miss Vivvy and can truely say she’s absolutely adorable. In fact, if Tricia and AJ hadn’t been looking I might have taken her home for a day or two. I could hug her to bits. She couldn’t wish for better parents. It was meant to be. Hopefully before long Miss Vivvy might even be encouraged to write a post here too and keep Hobbes and co company. Hugs and special cuddle for Miss Vivvy. 🙂

  7. Valerie J. Patterson

    I so enjoyed this blog, Tricia! It’s so easy to witness the love you have for Vivvy just by reading your words. I’m so glad she’s made a place in your home, and really glad she’s wiggled her way into your hearts as well. And clearly she has a wonderful personality! 😛

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