Good morning from the Knox Farm.  I always seem to be a little late the last few months.  Maybe it’s the weather??  We, here in the Pacific Northwest, are ready for spring.  We have certainly had our share of rain this winter; at least we have more than made up for our very dry summer.  I think everyone is ready for “normal” again.

I am not sure if I have very lazy cows or very spoiled cows.  They don’t want to be in the barn but will stand out where it is really muddy and expect me to feed them.  I moved them to a dryer pasture put they constantly go back to where the mud is, so every morning I am moving cows now so I can feed them where it’s dry.  They will go into the barn on the dry side, once in a while, which makes my life a little easier.  Missy is scared to death of them and will run as fast as her little legs will carry her back to the house when I turn them loose and of course they have to run and kick up their legs which just tears up the field I have to walk through every day.  Yep, I’m ready for spring!!

For some very strange reason I got this cruddy stuff that has been going around.  First a sore throat, then an ear ache, head ache and fever.  Then best of all the cough.  It has lasted almost four weeks now, although for the last two weeks it has just been at night, that dry hacky little cough that drives you crazy.  I swear I’m turning into a cough drop.  Even my prescription from my doctor doesn’t work.  He says he fills it every four years for me so that is how often I get a bad cold.  Thank goodness for that. 

Missy loves it because I have sat a lot and watched television with her.  She has gotten so that she will run in the kitchen and growl and bark at me if I don’t get into my chair and turn the television on in the morning.  Even Daisy has gotten a little annoyed with me if I don’t get settled down in the mornings.  Through it all I have tried to keep my walking up although some days I’m down to three miles, most days I get at least four or maybe five miles.  I think I’m getting addicted to walking a lot but I am thankful on these rainy cold days that I have a treadmill.

Oh, my little granddaughter has baby goats again.  I am getting to really like goats.  Here is the lastest picture of her twin girls.IMG_4573

Have a great spring and enjoy the warm weather we are sure to get soon.


7 responses to “IS IT SPRING??

  1. I got a dose of Spring inspiration today. Went up to Seattle to the Spring Garden show. Wow! So may beautiful displays. A couple of vans left from Jubilee so we didn’t even have to drive.

    Ah I remember the mud when we had horses. It’s just that time of year it will pass. I’m fighting the same type of cold. Not sick just not up to speed.

  2. We have some much needed sunshine today. Like you am so ready for spring. Sorry to hear you have been feeling poorly, and hope you feel better soon, despite the fact that Missy and Daisy will miss their cuddle up with mum in the mornings 🙂 Love the photo!

  3. Oh, dear. I’m just finishing up with that crud, too. It’s been a tough winter for colds. Ugh! And congratulations on the new babies! Looks like another summer of fair-going for you, eh?

  4. Sorry you were feeling poorly. Hope you’re better now. AND baby goats. so cute. I love them. Jillian

  5. Colds, Ugh! Been there and done that and had one too so you have my sympathy and hope by now you are feeling back on top form again. That old sun’s getting brighter and higher so hopefully we will all feel the benefit soon, although is that snowflakes I see gently falling outside my window today. Yup, sure is. 🙂

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