C’mon, Let’s Spill

My mum gave me a lovely new Radley handbag for Christmas and of course, being a ‘bag lady’ I couldn’t wait to use it. I literally tipped out the contents of my old bag onto mum’s floor in preparation and it struck up a whole conversation about what we women carry around with us.


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So, in my bag there is my purse, phone, sunglasses (always the optimist), bus pass, diary, foldaway shopper, lipstick, sweeties, umbrella, small hairbrush, nail file, doggy poo bags, doggie treats, a memory stick, pencil, sweetener sachet, tissues, lip salve, and a pair of earrings I thought I’d lost somewhere.

So, come on ladies, spill. What’s currently in your handbag?


11 responses to “C’mon, Let’s Spill

  1. My phone and wallet. What else does a woman need? LOL

  2. Hmmm. Too much stuff, probably. Wallet, checkbook, coupons, notepad, various papers related to my parents I might need in an emergency, hanky, lip balm, ibuprofen, coin purse, eyeglass cleaner wipes, business cards, pictures of my husband and kids, and hand sanitizer. Geesh. I need to downsize. 🙂

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    I don’t like to carry a purse, so I carry a very small one. Inside my purse is a comb, tiny bottle of hand sanitizer, small wallet, tissues, and chapstick. And that’s a lot for me! lol 😛

  4. My bag is always called the tardis by my husband! Diary, notebook, phone, countless pens and pencils (why?), purse, phone, tissues, lipsalve, brush, handcream, small book of Dalai Lama sayings, headache pills, in case, throat sweets, in case, and sometimes a bottle of water. My life in a bag?! Thanks Trish.

  5. LOL, your life in a bag, love it! Love the book of Dalai Lama sayings. Bet that comes in handy from time to time, eh 😉 Better than headache pills!

  6. Lucky you with the new handbag, Tricia. Nice one. I recently down-sized on my bag as carried far to much junk, and made my shoulder ache. So, what’s in my new miniscule bag … purse, credit card holder, lipstick, brush, asthma inhaler, tissues, pen, diary, business card holder and fold-up shopping bag. Enough to carry – you wouldn’t believe what I used to lug around with me! 🙂

  7. For me it depends on the size I’m currently using. I wish I could be like some women and change purses with my outfits but I tend to start out light and as days, weeks and months pile up so does the content of the bag. Right now I don’t have much as I used a small bag on vacation and a bigger tote to hold everything else including at times the small bag.

    Loved the visual I got from your post and the comments. It made me relate to all the times I’ve changed bags and found unbelievably stuff.

  8. Cute idea. For me, too much junk. 2-3 notepads, two pair of sunglasses, one pair of regular glasses in case my contacts give me grief, wallet, gift cards (yay) and comb and lipstick, ink pens- about 10 since I am always running out of ink…….. and on and on.. Jillian

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