Quiet Winter Days

P1010919I like the month of January. For me it’s the quiet month. The holidays are still giving off an after glow but if anything that adds to the quiet.

Here in the Pacific NW if we are going to get snow it’s usually in January. And, since we don’t see a lot of the white stuff life slows down.

However even if we don’t get much snow we do get a lot of rainy overcast days that are perfect for a hot cup of cocoa, or coffee, or whatever, and a good book. My favorite things.

It is also a good time for me to get into in the house projects like cleaning out closets and drawers or starting an afghan. I used to start sewing projects at this time of year but I haven’t even taken the sewing machine out to do mending lately. And, not planning to either. ☺ I also don’t get into cooking projects though I can see that it would be a popular one.

The picture is from the old house the back lawn sloped down to a creek where a bench sits and there are open fields that add to the winter wonderland image.

I hope you are all enjoying the first month of 2016. For me each month and season is special but I’m not in a hurry to rush the year along. Instead I’m just enjoying life in the slow lane.


12 responses to “Quiet Winter Days

  1. Life in the slow lane can be awesome, as long as you are enjoying it. I think I need to remember to slow down and smell the roses. One of these days… 🙂 I love that picture. Serene and picturesque.

    • Thanks Laurie, the Pacific house is photogenic. One nice thing about the slow lane is you can on occasion switch into the passing lane when you need to. Hang in there, your life has to slow down hopefully sooner rather than later.

  2. Life in the slow lane – love that! It sums up perfectly January here too, certainly my month so far. And whilst many parts of the UK get snow, here in the West Country we’re lucky and get little. We always say if we have it, everyone else has it worse. Whilst I have much to catch up on at home after a lost December, I’m taking it slow and relaxed. Enjoy the rest of January!

  3. I love the photo, relaxing just looking at it. Relate totally to curling up with book and warm drink, total escape. Enjoy girls.

    • Thanks Jane. I’m reading a book now from a new author. He’s not really new but I hadn’t read any of his stories and I’m loving it. A suspense set in Ireland/England. The Marching Season – Daniel Silva.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Beautiful photo, Lavada! I, too, see January as a quiet month. Winter seems to bring quiet and–for me–peace. I love the stark beauty of snow. I see a ton of snow where I live each winter, and my most favorite time for watching it snow is nighttime. It’s peaceful AND quiet–because the two do not necessarily mean the same thing. Your photo is serene!

  5. Great photo!! Hope you got your to-do list done on the cleaning. AND yes, enjoy the slow lane. I sure wish time would slow a little. Seems like the years are flying past. Jillian

  6. Time does seem to be moving faster but then the world is with all of our technology. Can you imagine taking an hour to make dinner? Or all day to wash? Or…. 🙂

  7. Gorgeous photo! And thank you for the reminder to take things slow and not wish the month away. January is not my favourite time of year, but it has many benefits. Like grabbing that book and a warming drink and curling up. Have fun.

    • Just got home from Jamaica last night, well really this morning so I’m horribly behind in emails. Enjoy your downtime January. It’s looking like it’s going to be a travel month for us. Not too hard to take.

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