Happy New Year from Marie Tuhart

Well 2016 is here.  I still have to wonder where 2015 went.  We’ve been very cold here in Western Washington.  We’ve had lots of frost and even some snow.  Not quite a white Christmas but a nice dusting.

This last Sunday I was working when I looked up and saw it was snowing, when there was no snow in the forecast.  It was too bad, just small flakes and a nice coating.


Later that night when it was dark, we got bigger flakes that coated even more.  But poor little Penny didn’t understand the white stuff at all.

This was her most of the day:


If you look really hard in the upper right of the bed and blanket you can just see her ear.

Later, after she got up and I opened the door for her to go outside and do her business (because she’d been talking to me which meant “Mommy I need to go out.”)  Needless to say she used her puppy pad rather than go out.

But here’s how she looked:


Needless to say she isn’t thrilled with the white stuff or how cold it was.

Stay warm and enjoy the New Year.


5 responses to “Happy New Year from Marie Tuhart

  1. Happy New Year back! And I LOVE the snow. We don’t get enough around here for my peace of mind. I’ve always wanted to hibernate in Fairbanks for a winter to get really sick of snow, but never had the chance. Lol. I tell people that they get no snow most of the year. I only want one week of snow here. They can have the other 51 weeks. 🙂

  2. We have had some unusual weather and little extreme with the rain/wind and cold and now the fog. With a year like this I’m afraid if it started snowing it might not remember to quit until spring. It might make Laurie happy but I’m thinking not for me. I’m hoping things will settle down over the rest of the US so we don’t have trouble getting flights to sunny Jamaica sitting in airports aren’t my thing.

    Penny has the right idea. Great pics.

  3. Happy New Year. I hate the snow in the UK – always wet and crunchy, unlike the snows I remember in Germany. Fingers crossed we don’t get much here this winter; so far it’s been unseasonally warm, if wet. Penny’s certainly got the right idea. Love the photos.

  4. Penny is a sweetie! Poor dear not liking the cold. I love the pics. Your home is lovely. Jillian

  5. I had to look hard at that photo, LOL! Happy New Year!

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