Happy New Year…I Think

week of Jan 1.jpgJillian here. I hope everyone had a wonderful and stress-free holiday season. We had a lovely Christmas with both sons at home (as well as the daughter-in-law). My younger son graduated from college on Dec 11 and that was a great day as well. New Year’s Eve was quiet as we try to stay off the roads. I sincerely wish everyone had a superb December.

I’ve already had an interesting January. I was basically attacked verbally by an author from one of my publishers who then left (under a fake name) a three star review of my book on Amazon. Amazingly, when I mentioned it to some friends, I was pleasantly surprised at the swell of support I got. Many of them, as well as their own friends, ordered my book and said they would leave an honest review. This made my heart happy. If they don’t like the book, that’s okay, too. Just being honest is all I ask. Not some vindictive review because you don’t like me.

Oh, and I found out last night that this guy leaves reviews for his own books under that same name. Five star of course. How unethical can you get?

On top of that drama- which occurred moments before I was due to spend time on a FB release party- I had a new book come out in a boxed set and Amazon pulled the book at the last second because of some format error made by the gal who formatted the set. It was grey hair moments for sure as we fretted whether the book would be back up before the release party AND if we’d get back our 4500 pre-orders.Β  Unreal.

So, suffice it to say, in the 5 days 2o16 has been here, I have aged 5 years.

Here’s hoping the rest of January will be smooth sailing (let’s hope Hobbes is right and it will be excellent).Β  But wait. Oh no, Mercury just went into retrograde. EEK!

See you mid-month…if I survive.

Happy January!


10 responses to “Happy New Year…I Think

  1. One thing about a start like this — it has to get better. Things have been quiet and un-stressful here but I’m about ready to do a major bit of maintenance on the main computer so that may change.

  2. I am with you- things have to turn to the upside, right? AND lots of luck with the computer. That terrifies me. LOL. Jillian

  3. OMG. That is Hobbes, isn’t it? If it’s not, it’s his doppleganger. πŸ™‚ This year so far has had ups and downs for me. On an upswing at the moment, so that’s the mood I’m trying to set for the year. πŸ™‚

    • Yep. That is Hobbes. He likes to climb on the bike. πŸ™‚ I made that meme for New Year’s Eve. And yes, you’ve had some real roller coaster rides the last few months. I am glad things are on an upswing. AND let’s both hope they keep going that way!!! Jillian

  4. Happy New Year! I echo Lavada’s comment – after such a start the year can only get better. Pleased you had a lovely Christmas. Ours was quiet and laid back – just as we like it, and much needed. Here’s wishing you and Hobbes a brilliant year. πŸ™‚

  5. What a horrible experience, what a sad, jealous person to attack a fellow author. Must need treatment! At least you all seem to know him. Good luck for the coming year.

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    Yep, the year can only go up from there. Best wishes to you, Jillian!

  7. I’m much behind with the comments, Jillian, but wanted to say how sorry I am that you have been through such a rotten time. I don’t understand people some time. Best wishes for the coming year.

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