12080713-crystal-ball-2016Ah, News Years day 2016. And, a time to make Resolutions or Not. Seriously I don’t do much of that. Maybe goals (I can measure those). But what about predictions? It seems to me that every few years there used to be predictions that the world would end. They would get down to the day and even the time, but with 2000 having come and gone I don’t see much of those doomsday events predicted. At least not for a time, day, month, or specific year. If they are around I haven’t heard them.

All this pondering had me taking a look at what experts and psychics are saying about 2016. In no order this is some of them.

Women will continue the upward corporate career advances, especially in boardrooms.

Apple will roll out more bold surprises. (Umm even I might be able to predict this one)

In-home food delivery will drop. Okayyyy I wasn’t using it anyway. ☺

Of course there are a lot of political predictions, but I am purposely not going there. Still if you’re interested it’s a good topic to google. I enjoyed seeing what is out there and the detail of even running mates as I researched the content for this post. And who do you think they are predicting to be the new President? Oh no, you’ll have to look it up as OTBF has vowed to stay out of political posts.

Another six states will join the ranks of legalizing marijuana.

Economic growth will stay steady but slow.

My favorite predictions are the scientific ones. Here are a few.

• Self-cooling apparel. I’m still keeping those pillows on my list to check out even though you don’t ‘wear’ them.
• A new drug to fight Alzheimer’s will be made available. No magic bullet but it is predicted to slow down the disease.
• Hoverboards, the prediction I read said to expect to ride or at least be dodging these. Okay now to get them to stop blowing up and catching fire.
• Self-driving cars are expected to make big strides into being the transportation of the future.
• An increase in cyber hacking with a warning to watch those email inbox attachments.
• With all of the climate changes, not a prediction, a fact, food prices will go up on things like almonds, avocado’s and cocoa. Probably a lot more, but the article I read listed these.

The predictions I listed barely scratch the surface of what’s out there. I enjoyed reading the different predictions. Some were pretty far out, some I didn’t like so decided not to repeat here, and of course some are not the light material that OTBF uses for backyard fence discussions. Google 2016 Predictions or Crystal ball 2016 for light and not so light reading.

Wishing you all a HAPPY, HEALTHY and WONDERFUL 2016.


11 responses to “Predictions

  1. Predictions are interesting, but not something I read a lot of. Although they are based on trends, I still think it’s like getting your palm read or having a seer look into your future. And if we think something is going to happen, it seems we can actually make it happen or skew events in that direction just by believing in it. Hmmm. Not explaining myself well. Must need coffee…
    Happy, happy New Year!!!

  2. After reading your post I did a quick Google search for 2016 predictions, and promptly stopped reading about six sentences in. Too depressing! I also tend to think these things can become self-fulfilling propheies, although alas it has yet to work on the ‘think thin’ front, Lavada 🙂

    The happiest of New Years to you and everyone here at The Fence. Let’s make it a good one!

    • The extreme weather predictions didn’t take much to make as they are already happening. It was 19 degree’s here this morning. But dry and after the record rain and wind that is good. Even the mountain snowfall is off the top this year. And, then looking at the east coast where they aren’t getting snow. Instead spring like temps.

      For sure 2016 will be a good year here because I intend to think it into happening. Seriously I’ve always said I’ve never been on a bad trip. Some over the years were interesting but always good. I go out with a vacation mentality and come back with one.

  3. Just right Lavada. My aims are low key and, I hope, realistic. World wide – one can only hope. Priorities remain friends, family, fun and love. Good luck to you, your family and all our friends. Thank you OTBF – my prediction you will continue to rock!

  4. Very cool- thanks for sharing these. I didn’t see them anywhere. And I agree, some were easy to predict. 🙂 Jillian

  5. Always amazes me the predictions that keep cropping up year after year – no doubt in time one or more will come true if you keep saying them often enough – self-fulfilling. That said, I do think having your palm read or reading the horoscope is fun, if only to make what’s said fit in with your life. Funnily enough, am busy writing a separate post on this very subject on my own blog site. Watch this space. 😉

    • We aren’t getting the daily newspaper anymore but when we did the horoscope was a consistent column for me. I’m not a believer but it is fun. I’ll watch for your prediction blog.

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    I don’t put stock in predictions, so I don’t actually read them, either.

    However, one of the ones you listed caught my eye because it’s actually inaccurate. The one about Alzheimer’s. A new drug is already available this year. The trials have all concluded and it’s being made available to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients. As well, a new ultrasound is going into trials in 2017 that is hoping to cure Alzheimer’s. I read everything I can find about Alzheimer’s research, and what’s out there is promising!!!!

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