Christmas 2015 Past

image2Christmas has come and gone and the way time fly’s another one will be here before I know it. As usual I always think the current Christmas is the best ever. But in the years they have changed. For one thing there are loved ones that aren’t physically here. However we all ‘feel’ them. My parents loved Christmas and always worked to make ours extra special. I remember the year my mother passed away. It was in September so that first Christmas came way to soon. Rick, our son confided that he wasn’t doing so well. First Mike (his older brother) and now Grandma. We all felt what he voiced. Christmas morning came and I know this sounds surreal but they were there. I’m writing this a few days before Christmas and I know they, and now Jack, will be with us this year too. Maybe part of it is the traditions that we pass down and add to each year. Or maybe it’s a gift we can receive if we believe.

With Christmas a memory, are you looking forward to 2016? I am, but then I always am. This year may be a travel year. Jamaica with family, there will be 5 leaving from here and 2 more leaving from Utah. It’s an all-inclusive resort and if you haven’t experienced one I would recommend it. There are a number of restaurants. The one last year in Cancun had a steak house, Italian, Seafood, Mexican, Chinese and buffet. There are also coffee bars, ice cream shops and bakeries. Drinks, food, and room service are all included in the lodging.

Two road trips scheduled. And hopefully a lot of day trips. Heyyyy do it while you can. ☺

I’m closing this year with wishing you all a huge HAPPY NEW YEAR. Start the happy right away because in a blink 2016 will be over.


12 responses to “Christmas 2015 Past

  1. Beautiful sentiments, I can relate to this, thank you. 2016 sounds a fantastic year ahead for you and your family plus loads of fun. Happy New Year.

  2. Yes, Christmas always seems to include our loved ones, here and gone. I think it’s why it always feels so special to me. 🙂 And it sounds like you have some fun things planned for 2016. Good for you! Enjoy them all…while we can, as you say. 🙂

  3. Sounds like a great 2016 coming along for you and YES, the loved ones who are gone are always here. I miss them dearly but you’re right, we can feel them if we try. Love you, lady! Jillian

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Happy 2016 early to you, too, Lavada. Enjoy your travels and the people who accompany you on them. I hope you always feel the love of those who’ve gone ahead.

  5. I agree with you about ‘feeling’ loved ones who have passed. I know my dad is with us every Christmas and my grandparents. They are there in every moment. You certainly have a wonderful travelling new year planned. I look forward to your blog after each trip. Happy New Year, Lavada!

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