Not a Rosie Yet

JetsonsI remember when the Jetson’s introduced Rosie. What a great maid and no, we are not there yet, but it could well be in our future. In the meantime we do have robot vacuums.

I’ve been looking at them since they first came out and finally broke down the other day and got one. But first I did some research, as there are now a number of different manufacturers.

I ended up with an iRobot by Roomba from Costco. Still not convinced I decided on this one primarily because I could get it from Costco and if it didn’t measure up it would be easy to return. Not going to happen, as it’s a keeper.

I have a perfect layout for it with the hardwood floors. It has no trouble image-38going from the area rug to the hardwood and then on to the carpet in the bedrooms. It does have trouble finding it’s way back to its docking station to recharge but that hasn’t been a problem. When it needs to go back it stops and tells me to relocate. I just take it to where it can ‘see’ the station and hit dock and it does its thing.

I can schedule cleaning but since I’m here it’s easier to just hit the clean when I’m leaving the house and let it do its thing. So far it’s needed its dust bin cleaned after each use. Does that mean I have a dirty house? ☺

I love the age we live in and I’ve been around long enough to see wringer washers, wood cook stoves, no microwave and to much more to mention. I can say by experience that “We’ve come a long ways.” And, I love the journey.


10 responses to “Not a Rosie Yet

  1. An iRobot? How cool is that! We have come a long way. I remember when hubby and I were dating and he didn’t know how I could raise two kids with no microwave. Lol. Couldn’t afford one then.

    • I’ve had it for a few weeks now and it’s fantastic. The first two times I used it, it got lost. No problem it just says in it’s robot voice, “Error, error, relocate.” Since then I’ve turned it on when leaving the house and when I get back it’s done it’s job and redocked itself. AMAZING!!!

  2. I love the sound of that! Like you, I love living in our times. It makes you wonder what sort of things we’ll be welcoming into our homes in the next few years. Bring it on!

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    I’ve often wondered if it would be a good vacuum. Nice to know it is!

  4. love it! My friend has one and she calls it her boyfriend and says he does the floors for her. LOL. Enjoy! Jillian

    • Do boyfriends do that? 🙂 I’m sort in withdrawal these past few weeks as I don’t want it to mess up the tree skirt and stuff sitting on it. So back to vacuuming for a little while. I usually turn it on when I leave the house. When I get back it’s all done, it’s little dirt tray is full and it’s docked itself.

      • that IS handy. I didn’t know they docked themselves. As to boyfriend’s doing floors, I don’t think so- and I think that’s why she’d rather have the Roomba than a real man who would make a mess. LOL!

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