Another Day Trip

image-35I have always enjoyed day trips, and here in Western Washington we have a wide range of options. A few hours either way and we can be at the mountains or the coast. Mount Rainier is practically in our back yard.

A couple of weeks ago I finally made it to a place that had been on my to-see list for a few years. The mill that I’d seen featured on Northwest Backroads was our destination, but a friend and I picked a beautiful day, sunny, with the fall colors in their full glory that would have been an outing in the drive alone.

The mill sets a ways off the interstate and even with the navigation system we managed to get lost but it was a good lost. The road to get there is a rural country one. The mill itself isn’t a commercial type place. No gift shop but with handmade recipe books that are available with a suggested donation. Even the flour they ground by water power wasn’t for sale. Instead they bag it and suggest a donation. image-32

There isn’t a lot of parking, we had to park on the shoulder of the road. But like the website says it’s like stepping back in time and we weren’t worried about getting any ticket by being there. We took some pictures but even though we did walk up on the trail aways we didn’t get the pictures that are on the website at

The covered bridge is another visual experience. The mill is only open on weekends but it wasn’t crowded and people tended to stop and visit as they joined in a look and feel of yesteryear.


13 responses to “Another Day Trip

  1. This place looks so nice. And totally, as you say, like a step back in time. What a cool day trip!

  2. It was and we’ve gotten quite a few likes this morning. I think a lot of people are re-finding day trips.

  3. Look forward to hearing about more of your “trips back in time” as it reminds us not all is bad these days.

  4. Sounds wonderful. I’m always amazed that you can have the coast and mountains in the same day! Glad you had a fab time.

  5. Nice Jim and I have that on our to do list !! And it’s so close to home

  6. Very cool. I adore old covered bridges. Neat day trip. Jillian

  7. Sounds an amazing place, and just love those covered bridges – not something we have over here. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

    • I like the bridges too. For one thing they are in the country and it’s usually a beautiful drive. A few years ago we went on a 2 day covered bridge tour. It was like a treasure hunt finding them. It was also in the fall so the colors were beautiful.

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