image-37I have a houseguest and a very welcome one. This little lady is the best. Smart… Oh My Gosh, she communicates. Karen has her on a schedule. Breakfast at around 8:00. Sugar is a delightful alarm clock. Almost on the dot she stands up on the bed and stares until I respond.

She loves naps, definitely my kind of dog. She’s made herself at home on the spare bed except at night when she seems to know it’s big bed time.
I’ve been slacking on the walking and Sugar has gotten me back to it. Again almost on the dot she starts telling me its walk time around 3:15. Karen and Sugar moved to Jubilee around February and the neighbors know her and stop to talk on the walks. I’m for sure feeling better with the exercise.

We have had dogs my whole life. My dad coming from old school never wanted them in the house. When I was dating Jack, he bought me a little Pomeranian and dad not only gave his consent, but came to love her. Minx started our indoor dogs. Dad and Mom even went on to get a toy poodle.

When Abby, our little Jack Russell, died six months after Jack, I made the decision to not have another dog. It was a big decision and as you can guess has it’s plus and minus. I know Sugar is only visiting and I’m enjoying every minute. For now and at this time of life maybe an occasional visitor is the best way for me.


15 responses to “Sugar

  1. Hello, Sugar! Welcome to the group, even if it is only temporary. You sure are a cutie!

  2. Valerie J. Patterson

    Sugar is a real beauty, Lavada. And so is that area rug in the second picture. Really like the colors and vibrancy. Enjoy your time with Sugar.

    • She is good for me. They say the outside of a horse is good for the inside of man but it can just as easily be said of a dog. She a happy little lady. Her mistress called from NY yesterday and we put her on speaker phone. Sugar barked and responded. Then settled right back down again with me. Karen had done a great job with her.

      I really gave some thought as to that rug and then just decided to go for it. Haven’t been sorry as it does brighten the room. I got it online at Wayfair, they have some nice stuff and a large selection.

  3. Awwww. Adorable! Sadie is jealous! Lol

  4. Hi Sugar! You certainly are a gorgeous girl. She really seems to be enjoying her holiday with you, Lavada, and has certainly made herself at home. It’s great that she lives close by, too. That way when Karen gets back, you’ll still get to see her on a regular basis. Enjoy!

    • Yes, I’m glad she is so close. I’ve been taking her for walks which she loves but today is wet and cold so no walk. I think Karen goes out even in this kind of weather and Sugar tries to tell me it’s okay but I’m not thinking the same way. My yard is pretty good size so at least she is getting some exercise though she isn’t to high on chasing a ball in the rain. I did try. By the time Karen gets back Sugar will have learned to be couch potato. 🙂

  5. Oh what a sweetie, seems like Sugar is a good house guest to. We’ve also enjoyed sharing friends’ dogs since we lost our spaniel and labrador. Best of both worlds really but tough when they leave.

  6. Too I mean!

  7. Hello, Sugar. You’re cute as cute can be. Lavada will miss having you around the place but no doubt be seeing you often. And spoiling you. And why not? You deserve it, you sweetie. 🙂

    • Thank you Kit. I love it here but Lavada doesn’t seem to know what time I go to bed. I start trying to tell her around 9:00 . But she does understand that I have a wake up time and gives me hugs and loves every morning. My mistress is coming home tonight but I intend to make sure we visit with Lavada a lot.

  8. What a cutie. I know you had a great visit and who can blame Sugar for hanging out on that bed. It’s a great bed. 🙂 Jillian

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