Halloween Time

It’s October and all the ghouls are out (big evil laugh).  Its Halloween time.

It’s one of the reasons I like the fall.  Halloween had been my favorite time of year for a long time.  While my neighborhood stays fairly quiet, I love driving around and seeing all the decorations.

Halloween also reminds me that the year is coming to a close and that means I have to pay attention to what my goals were for the year.  While I’d love to claim I’ve accomplished them all, I know this isn’t the case and having just two and a half months to do them all isn’t enough time.  But there’s always next year.

I attended a conference last month for 5 days and Miss Penny was put into the dog hotel.  She played all day with other small dogs, she received some very personal attention from the dog lovers who run the dog hotel and I’m told was very vocal when she didn’t get the attention she thought she deserved. LOL.

This was Penny after she got home from the dog hotel:


After about four days of sleeping, eating and sleeping some more.  She was finally more alert.


I suspect she doesn’t sleep well at the dog hotel, but is always aware of what is going on.  Once we get home, she’ll sleep and follow me around. If I move, she is sure to follow.

Hope everyone has a great month and a Happy Halloween.


4 responses to “Halloween Time

  1. October is a good month. It seems like the color didn’t stay long though. Driving home the other day I was glad the association takes care of all the leaves on the ground. Good to see Penny enjoys the sleepy weather. I’m with her on that.

  2. You are very lucky Penny adapts well to the dog hotel. Our cat stops eating, so no hotel life for him…and no long vacations for us. Oh, well, it’s worth it. We love our animals, eh? And another Halloween person…just like Jillian. 🙂 It’s not my favorite holiday, but I think that’s because our kids are grown, we have no “smallish” grandchildren nearby, and each holiday, we get only about 4 or 5 trick or treaters due to the rural nature of our neighborhood. Enjoy the month of ghoulish delights!

  3. Halloween time again. Hard to believe. Glad Penny is back home and catching up on her sleep. Bless her.

  4. Pumpkin time again? Can’t believe it! Where does the time go, and like you, I haven’t achieved half of what I had planned this year. I’m not a great fan of October but have to say, the month here has been fantastic weather wise for autumn and the trees are absolutely glorious – never seen such beautiful colours. I feel a painting coming on. Happy Halloween to all and hope you all get lots of treats! 😉

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