Dude, Where’s My Mom?

Hobbes here. On the prowl for Dude. My human mom, Jillian, went missing the week of September 21st and I heard a rumor (and even saw photographic evidence) that she was hanging out with Laurie’s cat, Dude.

the evidence

the evidence

This did not make me happy. I was kind of glad to hear when Laurie and Lavada took Mom (a/k/a the can opener) to the Space Needle and the fish market that Dude had to stay home. Too bad, so sad, Dudester, no fish for you. 011

Hey, wait one second. You know what? She didn’t bring me back any either. Hmmm. I may have to go claw a piece of furniture over that slight.

I also heard no cats got to make the trip to Mount Rainier. Mom said it was gorgeous and I sure would have liked a chance to loll in front of the fireplace in the lodge there. But at least Dude didn’t get to either, right?061

I’m sure when Mom, Laurie and Laurie’s wicked cool husband visited Lavada’s house, they would’ve had to sneak Dude past the home owners association – his fur is probably the wrong color, right? My black and white color scheme would surely pass approval. Poor Dude. He’s pretty but you know how those associations can be.

Mom says the state Capitol building was beautiful and the old houses were really nice. She really liked downtown Olympia and dining near the falls. In fact, she was fed pretty nicely the whole trip. Bet she never thought of poor ole me starving to death at home. The man who lives here isn’t such a softie when it comes to me needing a snack.089

Mom had a great time on her trip but I can’t help but think it would’ve been better for her to stay here and make sure I had enough to eat. Dude and I have that in common. We don’t like it when the can openers leave town.IMG_20150926_050352075

Mom told me that despite my opinion to the contrary, IĀ  am NOT the boss of her and she will go wherever and whenever she pleases.

We’ll just see about that. Won’t we?

Hobbes out!

The trio

The trio

20 responses to “Dude, Where’s My Mom?

  1. One of my favorite posts ever! Those cats can be so jealous…lol

  2. Great post!

  3. You can try,Hobbes, but despite her great heart, she has a strong will! Sounds like she had a wonderful trip, and you want nice things for her,I know you do. Pretty boy! Ear scratch!

    • ahhh, thanks for the ear scratch. You missed the spot behind my neck though. And you’re right, Jillian is strong willed- her mother calls her hard-headed but I’d never do such a thing as that. I might miss a meal! Hobbes

  4. Patty , minion of Cali

    I don’t know Hobbes, personally, but I have heard how he came to be in the “Chancellor” household,,,,KUDOOS,,,and he is very justified to be a little miffed……Cali,Cat,,CEO of Sherry F. Chancellor, P.A.

    • Hey now, Cali, You need to behave. I heard rumors that you’ve been eating some of my snacks, too. AND letting Jillian, Mr. C and others pet you and I’m hunting for you, too. Hobbes

  5. Hobbes, Hobbes, Hobbes…Dude here. Seems we’ve got some more meowing to do. Remember the phrase “When the cat’s away….” That is how it goes, right? You missed a perfect opportunity to wreak havoc at home.
    Now, as to your Mom’s visit here, I was basically in the same boat as you. Yes, they fed me. Breakfast, then they were out the door faster than I could meow “treats.” They got home almost in time to feed my dinner, but my entire schedule was upset. So the visit wasn’t any walk in the park. Yes, maybe I got more attention than normal in the evenings. That was nice, I have to admit. Still, I like my humans focused on me, not on the world around them. So we have to make a pact. They can’t make this a regular happening or we’ll lose all control.
    Dude’s can-opener here: In spite of our “children’s” attitude, the visit was AWESOME and we had SO much fun. (Shhh…don’t let the cats hear that.)

    • ah man, Dude. They were rough on you. I heard you wanted to eat that day they took Jillian to the airport and no one would break down and give you any food because you were (and them, too) supposed to be ASLEEP!!! And I can see how an upset schedule can wreak havoc with the daily tasks of sleeping, eating and chasing God’s creatures. AND I am in on the pact. For sure.

      As to your can opener’s comment, I say Pfft! Awesome or not, the cats were not pleased. šŸ™‚ Hobster

  6. Ah Hobbes, if it’s any consolation your lady talked about you a lot. I think she missed you. šŸ™‚ Thanks for letting her visit it felt like a vacation for all of us.

    • I will have to be happy with that, I guess. Hmmm? Wonder how much she DID miss me. Can I parlay that into food??? Glad you had fun with the mom. She can be interesting. šŸ™‚ Hobbes

  7. So true (if animals could only talk). Love the picture sounds like a gun time.

  8. Fabulous post, Hobbes, but I think you’ll just have to accept the fact: Can Openers rule. A little bird told me Jillian missed you as much as you missed her. However knowing her and her co- conspirators as I do, I think they are planning another adventure (shhh, I never told you that) so next time be prepared and whilst they away having all the fun, you party party party with Dude and all the cool cats in the neighbourhood. šŸ˜‰

    • Can openers just think they rule and Jillian keeps saying she missed me but I’m not sure about that. And I’m quite sure she’s going to run off again. Before I know it. I’ll party while she’s gone. And then shun her for a day or so when she comes back. Hobbes.

  9. Valerie J. Patterson

    Hobbes, man, you are a very good storyteller! I enjoyed your post very much. I think, perhaps, you might just have missed your Mom more than you’re letting on and for more reasons than missing your snacks! You and Dude are such handsome little guys! I can’t imagine either of you have to worry about your “can-openers” ever leaving you behind for good. Hold on, apparently there is someone else here that wants to speak with you.

    Devon here…I’m a bunny rabbit that lives in Valerie’s backyard. As far as humans go, she’s a good one and so is the guy she’s married to. You and Dude have a great situation, so don’t mess it up. And we need to talk about your penchant for chasing “God’s Creatures”. Why can’t we all just get along? Gotta scoot. I suspect the missus is about to chase me back into the backyard! Devon on the hop!

    I have no idea how Devon got inside, or even how she knew I was talking to you, Hobbes. Seems I need to investigate this. Later Hobbes! Maybe give your Mom a few extra cuddles…it’s good for both of you!

    • thanks Valerie. I DID miss her (but never let her know that)- I have to keep up my nonchalant image, you know.

      Hey Devon! I love bunnies. They are so much fun to chase- oops, did I say that out loud? šŸ™‚

      Valerie- you gotta watch those bunnies – they will hop right by you and sneak themselves into the computer room. They’re sly devils. Not like cats at all. šŸ˜‰ Hobbes

  10. Hi Hobbes, Vivvy here. I can’t believe your mum left you behind. Pretty disgraceful behaviour in my book. Mine’s not much better, and I heard her tell dad that she wished she was with you, Laurie and Lavada having fun. What? She doesn’t have fun with me?? Pleased to hear your human is back and again administering to your every need. And as for thinking you’re not her boss? I’m sure you can put her right on that point. High five, Hobbes šŸ™‚

    • Hello Vivvy!! Nice to have someone on my side about that whole abandonment issue. I’m thinking they had too much fun without us and I am sure if your mom was there, it would’ve been even more fun we’d have missed out on. Hmpf. They DO have fun with us but they are ungrateful, aren’t they? šŸ™‚ AND Mom is leaving again!!! The nerve. I guess she IS trying to tell me who’s boss. Hmmmm. Hobbes

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