Warning: Contains Scenes That May Upset Some Readers!

RhodesThe beginning of September saw us off my travels again, this time to Ixia on the Greek island of Rhodes, set in the glorious azure waters of the Aegean. Booked at short notice by my niece, Cheryl, we always enjoy our holidays with her. She’s a lot of fun and laughs are a plenty, thus we were delighted she wanted her two favourite aunts, Bunny, and her mother with her for what was to be a week of relaxation, especially for Cheryl who’d just finished university with a 1:1 degree in nursing and soon to start as a registered nurse at the famous Oxford Radcliffe Hospital, a very prestigious and well-respected unit in England.

Our all-inclusive hotel was close to the beach; my sister Ursula, Bunny, and I shared a room with a glorious sea view, whilst my other sister Lydia and Cheryl shared a room overlooking the mountains affording views of the glorious sunset each evening. It was a small hotel, rather shabby but immaculately clean and good, home-cooked food with plenty of Greek salads. Drinks were included but the beer and spirits were local brands which weren’t to our taste; a good job we all enjoy ouzo, which we drank plenty of. Yammas!

The weather was hot, hot, hot; even hotter than we had experienced in southern Spain back in July. Even the locals were saying they hadn’t experienced such heat in September; this was the sort of temperatures they are used to in June and July. We were only a ten minute’ bus ride from the main town of Rhodes, and had planned to visit the town on our last day as we had to vacate our rooms by midday and our flight home not until 21:30, but it was far too hot, certainly for me, to spend the day walking around a busy town. We had thought to do an evening visit but agreed we wouldn’t see the place to its full advantage at night; a good excuse to go back to the island, perhaps much earlier in the season. So, our week was spent either lazing around the hotel pool enjoying the facilities and entertainment or, as we prefer, on the beach, a short walk from the hotel, where the sea breeze helped to keep us just a little cooler.

Because Bunny’s not a good swimmer and averse to being buried in the sand, nor didn’t want to lose his little brass bell on its red ribbon he liked to wear around his neck, or his head, hippy style, I left him back in the hotel in the cool. This was a bad move and one I truly regret. For I have to tell you – and this is the sad part – Bunny went missing.

We came back to our room and he wasn’t where I’d left him – on the bed, sleeping off a heavy night on the vino. We searched high and low, moved furniture, looked everywhere. The sheets on the bed had been changed that morning, as they were every day, the top sheet folded into a fan shape, along with our pjs, but no sign of Bunny. My heart plummetted. Where was he?

Reporting his disappearance at reception, the receptionist’s eyes lit up in recognition and she opened a cupboard by the desk, retrieving… a child’s teddy bear. Not Bunny. She explained the sheets were sent out to a laundry who always return anything found, as it often happened. All week I queried his safe return, each time in hope, and each day she sadly shook her head. The answer was obvious: poor Bunny had been boiled! And no doubt the staff at the laundry spent the day wondering where the sound of the tinkling bell came from.

We’ve had lots of fun with him at home and on holidays, he’s always been with us no matter where we’ve gone – up mountains, on boats, coaches, played in the sand, enjoyed lilos and … and, I’m welling up now just thinking of him. And I have to admit, as our plane took off to come home, I cried, knowing I had left him behind to his fate. It wasn’t a case of bye-bye Rhodes, it was more bye-bye Bunny, I love you. We all miss you.




13 responses to “Warning: Contains Scenes That May Upset Some Readers!

  1. Not bunny! Kit, I expect this is more of a blow than you are letting on. We’ve loved hearing about your adventures with Bunny and I am sad to hear of his demise. Sigh. You and he have had a lot of years together, visiting wonderful places with your family. Those are priceless memories. We will all miss Bunny.

    • I’m devastated, Laurie. 😦 He’d become part of the family. Even Mum shed a tear when we told her – she’d given him to me many years ago. Still, at least I still have Thugs Bunny who, whilst not used to travelling much, am sure will enjoy any future adventures.

  2. Oh no, looking at the pictures made him more real to me. But, there is still a chance he will turn up and they will send him to you. I had that happen with a hair brush years ago and it wasn’t even a very good brush. Bunny is priceless.

    • I live in hope, Lavada, but somehow I don’t think he’ll turn up now. As least I’m happy to know he’s ended his days on the Greek islands we love so much. I can’t tell you how stupid though, I felt when reporting him missing at reception – I mean, a 60+ year old granny querying the lost of her little stuffed toy…

  3. oh no. That is awful. I hate to hear this. I loved Bunny, too and so did Hobbes. I’m so very very sad for you, Kit. I know this is hard. He was such a big part of your life and adventures. Hugs. Jillian

    • Daft really, Jillian, yet we do get attached to the most silliest of things. Pure sentimentality, yet in a way he was real to the family and the cause of much humour and laughter. Priceless and irreplaceable. Still… time to move on. And thanks for the hug. Appreciated. 🙂

      • It’s not daft. It’s wonderful that such a small creature gave such joy that he became part of the family. I love that he was real. 🙂

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Oh Kit! Poor Bunny! Is there any hope that he will show up one day in the mail, sent from the hotel? I’m so sorry he’s gone. He had such a great life with you! I loved the photos. My favorite is of Bunny in the big sunglasses. He truly looked happy and a bit like a celebrity. Perhaps he was bunny-napped? Maybe the staff that changed the linens took him for a child they know? I’m sorry for the loss of your adventure-loving Bunny. I know exactly how you feel about him, too. I have a small stuffed blue happy face my oldest nephew won for me at an amusement park. He has sat in the backseat of every car I have ever owned since Scott gave him to me. I would be heartbroken if he came up missing. ((((hugs)))) to you, Kit and the hope he arrives in the post!

    • Hugs appreciated. Sadly, I don’t think he’ll come home now. And at least I still have Thugs bunny who now sits on my bed. Not at cute as Bunny but just as cuddly. 🙂

  5. Kit! I can’t believe it! Bunny?? I’m mortified for you. I just hope Thugs Bunny will enjoy gaining his wings and jetting off with you in future. I know it won’t be the same, but here’s hoping. And Bunny might appear in the post even yet…stranger things have happened. Sending hugs.

  6. Sad, indeed, Tricia. Never thought anything like that would happen. After all this time, I don’t hold out much hope of him returning home. Bunny’s a hard act to follow but so far, Thugs is doing a grand job. x 🙂

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