Tangible Memories

image-26I have jokingly said that if I didn’t feed my creativity with writing I’d crochet doilies. But seriously I think it would be afghans. And in fact, I have been giving some serious thought to doing both.

My mother both crocheted and knitted. The one in the picture she made me around thirty years ago and it has been a constant in our livingroom since the day she gave it to me. It’s the perfect size and weight. My kids and grandkids have curled up with it through the years. And if it could talk, it no doubt would have some tales to spin. Amazingly and thankfully it isn’t showing any signs of wear.

I taught myself to crochet. I’m left handed and neither my mother or sister-in-law who like mom knitted too, could help me. Knitting I never could grasp. In fact one of the times mother tried to teach me, my father said we should sell tickets as it was like a comedy show.

I never got beyond afghans, no sweaters, hats or slippers for me. But I did accomplish what I wanted, and that was to make something for my mother as she never kept anything she made for herself. My first attempt was a crocheted piece that used a broom stick. And then I saw this pattern and fell in love. image-27Naivete, or just plain dumb I bought all the yarn and started. And started, and started. I almost wore the yarn out until I finally came to terms with the afghan stitch that is probably the most simple stitch there is. And, I got it done. The lady at the store where I bought the embroidery yarn said it was an heirloom. Hah, I thought yarn alone would be an heirloom before I got it finished. But I did, and mother enjoyed it on her bed for years. I have it now and it’s horribly heavy so it sits in a cedar chest. I keep thinking I need to take it out and display or use it. Um, so where? ☺


17 responses to “Tangible Memories

  1. Wow, Lavada, that floral afghan is stunning. You must have been counting stitches the entire time you worked on it. It’s definitely a showpiece. And I love the memory behind the afghan on your couch, that it was your mother’s and you’ve all cuddled with it. Yep, that’s an awesome tangible memory. 🙂 I wish I liked crocheting. I’d like to be creative that way. Alas, I have a baby blanket I started when my daughter was pregnant with our grandson. He’s 23 years old now. Sigh. Every winter I pull it out and do a few more rows. Maybe I’ll finish it before he starts having kids???

  2. I, myself have had the good fortune to be the recipient of the warmth and comfort the cream color one…love it!

    The beautiful one you made is exquisite. So totally beautiful! As for where to put it? Why….in my home of course!

  3. Beautiful afghans! The one you made should not in a million years be put away in a chest! Display it proudly, I certainly would. And how lovely to still have the one your mother made you. Priceless memories indeed.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Beautiful! You did a wonderful job, Lavada. I crochet and knit, too, but have never tackled such a daunting project. Well done, and by all means you should display it!

    • Thanks Valerie. I honestly don’t think I would have ever finished it if I hadn’t been making it for Mom. For years she made things for us and was so good at it. This was something she probably wouldn’t have done. At least not the embroidery.

      • Valerie J. Patterson

        And most likely not for herself. You did good, and I’m sure she loved it for so many reasons. The very first afghan I ever crocheted was for my dad and I was 12. When I finished it, my mom and my Aunt Pat helped me to add a fancy border around it. That was the best part…spending a whole Saturday with them doing the border. Made me so proud each and every time my dad threw that afghan on him!

        They have those stands you can buy that displays quilts and throws. You should definitely display your beautiful creation, Lavada!

  5. A stand is a good idea. Though it will need to be a big one as this isn’t a small afghan.

  6. I am impressed that is gorgeous as is the one you mother made..

    • Thanks Nancy. The one Mom made is so much more functional. But being the person she was, she always had the one made on the end of her bed. Writing and replying to these posts makes me miss her. A good miss as no one loves like she did. It’s the type that stays with you forever.

  7. wow. gorgeous. Yes. Display. Too lovely not to. What a wonderful talent to have. My grandmother tried to teach me. I was hopeless but my sister learned and is good with it. I love that you learned and enjoy it. Jillian

  8. Wow! What a fabulous item. Love the colours and worthy of being displayed if not on the bed, perhaps over a couch or hung like a tapestry? I used to knit and crochet but never anything as beautiful as your creation. Please don’t put it back in the chest.

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