Warning: System Overload…

No, not a message from my computer…but from my bathroom scale. The poor thing has been teetering on the edge for several months now and has finally given up the ghost. I can’t help but feel guilty that I was largely responsible for its eventual demise, and it was hard to ignore the groan it emanated every time I stepped on each day.

Despite having battled forth since January this year, I can only lament my dismal efforts to relieve the poor scale of the humongous motherload it endured each morning. So, as I unpack my pristine new replacement, I give it my assurance that I will indeed attempt to do better in future.

I know the main things I need to avoid – chocolate, cake, biscuits, sweeties. But there are loads of hidden calories in seemingly innocent foods. From now on I’ll be reading labels and working out exactly what’s in the things I eat and drink. While waiting for coffee at a local cafe, I happened to look up and noticed that the calories in my morning soya mocha topped 310!  Added to which, the calories in my evening low-fat snack bar were actually 175! Almost 500 calories per day on what I’ve been considering incidentals. I read that it takes 3500 calories to lose a pound in weight, so just by cutting these two things out, I could lose four pounds a month, and a stone in four months, three stone in a year. Wow, and double wow!

Now to put it into practice. My waistline…and new bathroom scales…will thank me for it.

14 responses to “Warning: System Overload…

  1. As you know I am on the trip with you. And this week I have put on a few extra. Not good. I’m going to have to quit saying “Oh well, next week.”

    Hang in there, a mutual friend has made amazing strides with measurable success. WE – CAN – DO – IT. 🙂 🙂

  2. Good luck Tricia – you will do this! You highlight a common problem of “hidden” calories not just chocolate! We will suceed!

  3. Good luck with that new scale. Sometimes I think that just getting something new is a motivator!!

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  4. It is a constant struggle, isn’t it, Tricia? I wish you positive results and lower numbers on that shiny new scale. Mine is starting to groan, too. Time to get back on a stricter food wagon. Sigh.

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    Steve and I were just discussing this over the past weekend. We both would like to shed a few pounds, so I think we’re going to do the biggest loser on a much smaller scale…just the two of us. We all need motivation. My elliptical has been out of commission for a couple months and I really miss it. Your post has motivated me to get it back and get back to using it! Good luck to you, too, Tricia!

  6. Good plan and good luck!! I have been leaving off snacks as much as I can and hoping for the same kind of results. Your first paragraphs made me giggle. Poor scale. LOL JIllian

  7. It’s an ongoing battle, Jillian, but we can overcome 🙂

  8. Am battling with you Tricia, and know how difficult it is. Having shed a few pounds myself this year it is a constant fight to keep it off, let alone lose some more. I’ve even tried standing on one leg on the scales – didn’t work. You can do it! Perhaps next time we do lunch, we skip the dessert?

    • Yes, have tried that ‘standing on one leg’ deal too, Kit. Have even taken off my earrings. Doesn’t help. As for skipping dessert? An icy tingle just went down my spine, LOL!

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