Wedding Report and Excitement!

The wedding was lovely and went off like clockwork. No boo-boos but some very sweet moments and a crying mamma, bridesmaids and maybe the officiant got a little teary as well. Of course, the groom said he always got these allergies that made his eyes leak. Funny, he had no other symptoms…

They are a super couple and not only are they in love, they are friends and companions. They are fun and always up and happy. The groom is so cute. He absolutely adores his bride and wanted to be married for so very long. He kept telling me that we needed to “get out there and knock this thing out so we can party.”  LOL

The bride is infectious, never met a stranger and so vivacious, she wears us out… but in a good way. 🙂  I love her dearly and have enjoyed watching her grow even more lovely as each year passes. I predict a very long and successful marriage for these two if they go on as they’ve started.

Many compliments were paid to me on the beauty of the ceremony and some even said it was the loveliest they’d ever heard. That meant a lot to me. I’m going to share some pictures of the couple as well as ones of me and the bride and her mom in the photo booth which was a lot of fun (That’s a picture of a picture so I hope it looks okay).

AND TOMORROW, EXCITEMENT!!!! I am going to be on a jet plane to go visit our pals, Lavada and Laurie. I need to put them on notice that I will be ready for lunch when I get there!!  It’s a long flight. LOL


14 responses to “Wedding Report and Excitement!

  1. How wonderful for everyone! Congratulations all around.
    I know you, Lavada and Laurie will have a wonderful time…and stay out of trouble doing it. (Right?)

  2. Aww, come on Tonette we’ll be looking for trouble. 🙂 I’m not surprised the wedding was such a success. Happy times.

    And, looking forward to tomorrow.

  3. Glad everything went so well, Jillian. And have a super fab time with Lavada and Laurie!

    • It did. It was wonderful and I’m having a great time with Lavada and Laurie. I’m sitting on the bed right now with Dude beside me, he’s a doll. 🙂


  4. Sounds wonderful, a real family occasion, beautiful photos. Enjoy your visit to the “girls”, maybe one day Trish and I can meet you all face to face.

  5. So apparently I looked at this, but never commented. You did good! And I love photo-booths. What a great idea for group gatherings!

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    Very nice! Good for you Jillian! It sounds like the day was perfect for all! Enjoyed the pictures. Best of everything to the couple.

  7. Pleased all went well and lovely photos. Now, about this trip to see Lavada and Laurie … we’re all ears and waiting eagerly to hear all about it!

    • Thanks. It did. As to the trip, Hobbes took over my blog post this past week so I’ll blog myself about it when I’m next up. If I can beat Hobbes to the computer. Lol.


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