Whoops I’m thinking I didn’t get my blog done last month. Honest I will try to do better.

We have had a very busy summer, fairs, camping trips, softbll and a trip to Idaho to see one of our granddaughters who is going to school there. Life is certainly different without her living five miles away. No little voice saying Grandma could you make me some Blueberry Muffins, or I don’t feel well could Grandpa make me some chicken noodle soup. We will miss those fun days that we enjoyed for over 20 years and of course being seven hours away we can’t just run over to see her basketball games, or can we?. Now that is debatable because I can’t see Jim missing too many games and he already is figuring out how many games he can get too. I’ll need another new car by the time she finishes playing basketball!!

Now, speaking of Blueberry Muffins, I made some today, at least I tried. They seemed to take forever to cook and didn’t really raise as much as usual. Then I made some chocolate chip cookies for the neighbor boy and the first ones in the oven were AWFUL!! Well maybe I shorted the flour, so I put them back in the mixing bowl, grabbed the flour and that’s when I noticed I had used PANCAKE flour in both the muffins and the cookies. What a waste, so everything is in the garbage and I won’t gain that extra two pounds eating them!!

Life is busy here on the farm, I am very late in getting our cows bred this year and because of the hot weather it was hard to tell when they were ready. Now that the weather is cooler I can get them bred but that means summer calves which maybe won’t be that bad, certainly a first for us. And of course by summer basketball will be over and we will be closer to home most of the time. Just have our ten year old granddaughter playing softball, soccer and some basketball. Then of course we have our youngest grandson graduating this year. I have told him it is his year and Grandma will be at everything. I think he believes me because he said he may have to put up pictures and say “if you see this lady, don’t let her on campus”. He is a super fun kid and because he weighed just three pounds when he was born we have maybe protected him just a little. He certainly is his own person, being very involved in student government, community service projects and the school and community in general.   We will probably all cry when he heads off to college next year!!

AndyWe are dog sitting Andy again. His parents are off on a motorcycle adventure!! Andy is so funny, he comes into our house finds his spot on the couch, where I always put his blanket, crawls up and goes to sleep. Here he is but he’s on Missy’s blanket also and she isn’t real happy about that.  Missy and Daisy love him and they all run and play together, which is good for Daisy as she is pretty lazy most of the time. Missy even shares her toys with him which is very unusual because when other dogs come she hides them. Everyone loves Andy and he loves everyone.Daisy

Here is Missy pouting just a little and this is Daisy just getting away from them both!!IMG_3721

Sorry if this got a little lengthy I really had nothing to blog about. Maybe I will do something more exciting than making muffins and cookies out of pancake flour next month.

Have a wonderful fall and let’s all remember to NOT complain about the rain!!

11 responses to “SEPTEMBER!!

  1. Awww come on — complain about the rain is a way of life here in the Northwest. We used to say we did it to keep people from moving to the area but if traffic is any indication it isn’t working anymore.

    To bad the pancake mix didn’t turn out you might have created a new recipe. 🙂 🙂

  2. Pancake flour? Wow. That’s tough that you had to throw your creations away, but at least you figured it out and it wasn’t your oven. 🙂 And Nancy, if this is what you have to say when you have “nothing to blog about,” keep these “nothing” blogs coming. Lol. I love catching up with your family and seeing how the kids are coming into their own as adults. And I LOVE hearing about farm life.
    I promise, I won’t complain about the rain. I’m so happy it’s back!!!

  3. Not complain about the rain? I’m an Englishwoman, Nancy…it’s in my DNA to do just that, LOL!

    Love the photos. The dogs all look so comfortable and spoiled, which is just as it should be. And I’m sure your grandson will secretly look forward to grandma becoming a regular visitor, despite his warning to post that sign 🙂

  4. I had to laugh at the pancake flour thing. That is SOOOOO something I would do. LOL. I know you have to miss your granddaughter like the dickens. It must be super hard to have her so far away. AND the dogs crack me up. I love the blanket wars. LOL Jillian

  5. Oh and I got all paranoid as you usually post the Wednesday after I post on Monday and I thought I missed my day but a glance at the calendar shows me the month started on a Tuesday. *whew* I am not late. Jillian

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    Nancy, I enjoyed your blog, and the pancake flour made me laugh! Your grandchildren are so blessed to have you and Jim. I reckon you will be seeing a lot of basketball games no matter the hours on the road.

  7. It’s an English obsession, complaining about the rain. Either too much or none at all. Never satisfied. Pancake flour? That’s a new one on me, over here we only use a few types, usually either plain or self-raising for most things. I’ve tried making muffins, but Dave prefers those from the bakery, especially blueberry ones, so I’ve given up making them. Those dogs look like they are really enjoying themselves, chilled out and relaxed. How life should be. It’s too short to cook muffins (hee hee). Sounds as if your month has been a lot of of fun. Always enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

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