Tech Troubles…Grrrr

I’m a person who likes technology. Sure, it has it’s glitches, but I like computers, tablets, smart phones. They keep me in touch with, well, everyone. And yes, sometimes that constant contact seems overwhelming, but I still like it.

Until these past few months. I’m calling this my “year of repelling technology.” First, my cell service seemed to get worse at our house. So I got a cell booster, which ties into my router for tv, phone, and internet. Then, I started having problems with that router. Spent 3 or so months where I’d be in the middle of sending an email or researching something and bam! The internet would go down for 5 or 10 minutes. Not going to mention any names, but the HUGE company that made me switch routers tried very hard to get me to make that router work before finally admitting that the first iteration of that router (which I had) was very problematic. At that point, I’d suffered long enough, including a 20 hour outage that took out our tv, land line, internet AND cell service.

I decided it was time to unbundle. Thought I’d start with the cell phone, thinking it would be easiest to change carriers. It took me forever, with research and phone calls. And every time I called, I got a different answer to the same question!

Finally got the cell changed over, then it took me another couple of months to get a phone that worked with the new carrier. Anyone heard of unlocked phones? Bought one. Supposed to work. Didn’t.

Anyhow, then came the tv/landline/internet. Kept the BIG GUY company for tv as that’s hubby’s domain and he likes them. Switched over internet and landline from broadband to DSL and 2 months later, started having problems with both. Took another month and about 4 visits from the company, where each time they warned us it the problem was in the house, we’d have to pay for the visits.

So now to my biggest beef and then I’ll finish off with a compliment, both related to customer service. I’m not sure where the adage about the customer always being right went, but it seems to have all but disappeared. It felt like I fought each of these companies as I tried to resolve these issues. I spent hours on the phone and actually argued with the reps I was speaking to. Each one tried to take the easiest way out (for them). Or to make these issues our fault, not theirs. I’m not the most tech savvy person, but I have a lot of good tech instincts and NONE of these problems were ones with our house. It was all their equipment.

However, to finish on a positive note, one company stands out and I will name them. Our new cell phone company, Consumer Cellular, ROCKS. They spent a lot of time with me on the phone trying to get my unlocked phone working. They were the ones who finally figured out the phone wasn’t actually fully unlocked. Every time I’ve called them, they were professional and seemed sincere in their effort to resolve my problem. And we are spending about half of what we were with the old carrier.

Anyhow, to make a long story, well, less long, at this current moment, after months of struggling, I now have our services spread over multiple companies and don’t have a contract with any of them, so can change anytime I want. I have a working television, internet, landline, and cell phone. I’m afraid to cough…


12 responses to “Tech Troubles…Grrrr

  1. I feel your pain and I’m betting just about anyone that isn’t living a mountain man lifestyle will too. Like you, I love technology even the challenge of installing new stuff. It’s the debugging I get frustrated with. And as for experience, forget it. Even by some miracle you knew all there was to know today it would be obsolete in the next year. I’m happy all is well now, and time pit (related to the money pit) is gone.

    Until next time 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • It’s astounding how fast things change in this new world we live in, isn’t it? My computer is only a couple years old, yet I’m itching to replace it.
      Time pit. Tech pit. Good way to phrase it.

  2. man that sounds like it was brutal! Glad things are better but you’re right, better not cough.

    I’ve been lamenting the loss of customer service for a very long time. You’re right. It’s ridiculous. About five years ago, I was in a big box hardware, etc store and needed a new oven. Had it picked out and all I needed to do was get someone to take my money and let me get it. When I finally found a human, he said he didn’t have time to help me. I said I would go somewhere else. His response? “Go ahead.” I’ve never been back. Crazy world. Jillian

    • Seriously? He said “Go ahead?” Geesh. What is this world coming to? I find myself very curious about what this world will be like in, say, another 50 years. And if manners will be non-existent?

  3. Nice Laurie glad you got w writhing figured out and working. Enjoy!!!

    • Yeah, but it took WAY too much time to do it all. I’ve said for years that there’s a niche market for people here. I would PAY someone to do all this frigging research and give me options. Lol

  4. Glad you’ve gotten everything sorted now, Laurie. I get so frustrated by technology these days, everything moves too fast. And it often seems that customer service is a thing of the past.

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    Wow! I feel your pain and frustration! And I wholeheartedly agree that the old adage “The customer is always right” has flown out the window! Customer service is not what it used to be…and no one wants to actually help. I’m glad it all worked out for you, and I hope it remains worry-free for a long time!

  6. Technology is a wonder thing… when it works. How did we manage in the years before computers and cell phones and digital this and that? We certainly didn’t get frustrated like we seem to do nowadays. Pleased you finally got things sorted, though. Long may it be so. 🙂

    • Am praying that “long may it be so” holds true, Kit. And it’s funny. My husband, who barely knows how to use a computer and never remembers to take his cell phone, still manages to ask me to look something up or text someone for him. So we are all embracing this dratted technology in our own way, eh?

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