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To Continue Laurie’s Theme of Weddings

www.stephaniew.com, www.facebook.com/stephaniewphoto, @stephaniewhislerI popped over to write my post and see Laurie has had two weddings in her family this summer. While no one in my family is getting married any time soon, I am going to one in a couple of weeks.

I have a dear friend who is 29. She is from Pensacola but moved to Las Vegas when she graduated from college. I met her through my involvement with the Daughters of the American Revolution and she is adorable. Fun, witty and kind. I love her like she is my own. Her mother is also a friend but the daughter and I connected before I met her mom. I love, love that I have friends of all ages. Makes life much more interesting, doesn’t it?

At the bridal shower, which she flew home for, the bride’s mom and I were chatting and laughingly, she asked me if I was a notary. I said I was and that meant I could actually perform the marriage ceremony. I didn’t think anything else about it.

I got my invitation to the wedding and set it aside. It had RSVP on it but no hard date to do so. Fast forward a few weeks and I see the bride’s phone number pop up on my cell phone. I’m thinking I’m going to be castigated for not doing the RSVP thing. Not that she would ever call me on the carpet (!).

Nope, you guessed it. She was calling to ask me to do the honors of performing their ceremony. How awesome is that? This will be my fourth time as an officiant but it’s special every time I am asked. I’m thrilled to be part of the ceremony – but, and here’s the rub- I now have to shop in a hurry for something to wear as my planned dress would clash with the bridal party. Back row, that didn’t matter so much. Now it does.  LOL

Wish me luck!! I hope to have some pics to share on my mid-month visit since it will be the Monday after the wedding.  (oh and the pic here is my daughter-in-law on her and my son’s wedding day holding the perfume the spouse and I had given her for her birthday).