Summer Re-cap

Well, it’s been a great summer and doesn’t look to be winding down anytime soon. It’s been crazy warm and we have several friends who have joined the air-conditioning revolution because of it.

Still, we’ve managed to have some fun. First and foremost was my niece’s wedding in June. It was an awesome night for an outdoor reception and we danced until we couldn’t anymore. No, really, we couldn’t. It was my brother’s backyard and we stopped at 10 to make sure the neighbors didn’t get upset. Here’s the awesome couple with my Dad.With Dad

Immediately following that wedding (the very next day) was a 60th birthday party for me, which was low key and just how I like it. I’m not big on being the center of attention, so a nice, relaxing lunch thing in our backyard was perfect. We didn’t even take any pictures (thank God) but I do have a couple of one of our granddaughter’s from that day that I’ll show you. Of course, Dude being in the pictures is a bonus, right? 🙂

And some of the women in our family got away for a weekend to wine taste and unwind. Okay, maybe we spent most of our time by (and in) the pool, but it was one of the most relaxing times I’ve had in years!20150717_170635

And we’ve finished with one more wedding celebration, for our youngest daughter, who chose the lower key Vegas option for her wedding, but couldn’t get away completely. It was party time again! 🙂 Here they are heading off to get married.


In amongst that, we did some day drives, hikes, and, for me, training for an upcoming mini-triathlon I’ve entered with my daughter. So it’s been a full and joyous summer and I’m feeling very blessed to have the family and friends we’ve shared this all with. I hope you’ve all had as good a summer and would love to hear some of the highlights from yours. 🙂

9 responses to “Summer Re-cap

  1. As one of those who bit the bullet and installed A/C IT WAS A HOT SUMMER. Love the recap makes me stop and reflect on how fortunate we are. Dude is quite the ham. 🙂

  2. I agree with Lavada, Dude is definitely a ham- just my kind of cat. Lovely brides and grooms as well. Such fun celebrations with all that and the birthday tossed in for good measure. Your granddaughter is adorable. and the wine party sounds like a blast. Great summer!! Jillian

  3. You really have had a great summer, Laurie. It’s lovely that your family are so close. And Dude is such a cutie, I just want to give him a big cuddle. Hope the mini-triathlon training is going well.

    • Dude does steal the show. 🙂 Training is going okay, but it’s taking a lot of time, so I’ll be glad when this event is over and I can go back to regular workouts. Lol.

  4. Thrilled you had such a great summer, Laurie, with your family. It’s what summers are made for. Am jealous of all that warmth you endured. Hope the training is going well.

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    Wow! Congratulations on ALL counts! Sounds like a summer for the books, Laurie! Your granddaughter is adorable!

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