When I was a (not so) Tiny Dancer

Recently, I reconnected with one of my cousins. We’d lost touch over the years, due to marriage, moving cities, and the usual excuse of months/years going past so fast. It was lovely that after the best part of 30 years we just picked up where we’d left off. Soon we were reminiscing, remembering the fun times we’d shared as children and teenagers. There was much laughter and schoolgirl giggling to be had.

As children, we’d shared fun days at the beach and happy cinema trips, most of which included much mischief and more usually ended up with us being sent to bed early in disgrace. As teenagers, we continued to misbehave: one memorable night included a family Christmas Party where Kathy and I managed to get ourselves tipsy after sneaking drambuie into the garden shed. That particular incident put me of alcohol for life 🙂

One of our favourite things to do was re-enact scenes from movies in my parent’s living room. I was always a budding movie director and Kathy an actress, a perfect partnership for creating a masterpiece of cinematic glory that, alas, never made it to the big screen. But goodness, we had some fun. We used to love re-creating the barn dance scene from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and would take turns being either one of the brides or brothers. We’d use chairs, tables, footstools, buckets, brooms, and even my dad’s decorating ladder as props, and then set about dancing around the living room. Oh, how I loved to dance.

On UK television at the moment, there’s an advert for a shop chain’s home insurance. It shows a bespectacled  little girl in a ballet outfit dancing joyously around to the soundtrack of Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”. She dances with a reckless abandon, and sort of reminds me of…me, LOL.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

13 responses to “When I was a (not so) Tiny Dancer

  1. Thank you for this Tricia. I too thought the advert reminded me of my “performances” as a child and of many shows by my granddaughters. Like the dancers on jewellery boxes. You and Kathy had fun! X

  2. OMGosh, I LOVE that commercial! We had such freedom as children. It just makes me smile to think of it all. I wasn’t much of an actress or dancer. Instead, I was a fort-builder, a cowboys and indians bicycle chaser, and a race track in the muddy flowerbeds designer. But either way, the imagination soared and you’ve taken me back momentarily to these simpler times. I appreciate that. Thank you!

  3. Ahhh loved the video and did you see the look on the little boys face? Reminded me of my brother. I’m so happy for you and your cousin. Many happy memories and I’m betting you’re accumulating a lot more.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    So glad you got to catch up with your cousin. It’s so important–in my opinion–to reconnect with people who “got” us when we were kids. Like you, I was always producing plays, concerts, and pageants. My most favorite was hosting a TV Christmas special! lol Enjoyed the commercial, too. Thanks for sharing her with us!

  5. What a great blog! Must have been so much fun with your cousin. I often wonder why we let time get away from us so fast but we all do it.

  6. Loved it Tricia. We, too, used to put on shows. Such fun memories. Made me smile today as I thought about all the times my sister and my cousin joined me in such hijinks. But not the liquor. LOL Jillian

    • I think putting on shows was such a lot of fun and brings back loads of happy memories for many of us, Jillian. I wonder what the children of today will remember about their childhoods?

  7. Haha. Love that advert, Tricia. Especially the expression on her brother’s face – one of the better ones on current TV here. Haven’t we all as children (and some as adults, hehe) danced with such happy abandon. How wonderful for you to reconnect with your cousin, there’s a sense of permanence in your shared memories. What fun. But can’t imagine you up to high jinks and being put to bed early. 😉

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