Schwan’s – non recipe for the month

59525MDWe haven’t had a recipe in a while and we’re not really going to have one today. I’m not cooking much these days. Trying to drop some weight (it isn’t working) and just too many other more interesting things to do. Besides, like everything else, food selection is changing. Remember those first TV dinners. I tried to convince the family that they tasted good, then, when that didn’t work, that they were healthy. Yeah right, getting desperate, maybe cheap. They didn’t buy any of it.

But that was then. Now I actually like the Healthy Choice Steamers frozen foods. And Schwan’s, years ago we subscribed to their delivery service and the meals were perfect for two. Our grandson actually got us going on them. Thinking the truck was an ice cream truck, he was around ten, he waylaid the driver who promptly gave him an ice cream bar. Our first orders were ice cream and we graduated from there.

Fast forward a few years — a friend who frequently has me for dinner subscribes to them and oh my gosh the meals are delicious and the desserts, there goes the diet. Last week she made the Orange Chicken, pictured above. She had it with a fruit salad and biscuits and it fed 3 perfectly.

Check out their website at

Happy not cooking. ☺


15 responses to “Schwan’s – non recipe for the month

  1. I see the Schwan’s truck in our neighborhood frequently and I too always thought they were ice cream. And milk, like the milkmen of old who delivered to your doorstep. Remember the glass milk bottles? This is interesting. I’m also glad to hear the dish you had tasted good. Might have to stock a few of these in for those nights when I don’t want to cook. Which, like you mentioned, is getting more and more frequent. 🙂

  2. They have a huge selection. Check out their website. And the ice cream is delish. I sort of remember the glass milk bottles. We never lived where they delivered though. Jan gets the cookies or I guess it’s more like cookie dough because she bakes them.

    By the way talking about food, I bought some peaches at the farmers market the other day. Like two and it cost me $3.75. You have a gold mine in that tree of yours. You need to take some pictures just to prove peach trees survive and produce in Western Washington. I’ve tried twice to plant trees with Jack phoo phooing me. Now I’m beginning to think he just put a whammy on them. 🙂

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    We love the Schwan man! We have been getting products from Schwan for about 15 years. Their individually wrapped and seal boneless chicken breasts are very good and perfect for us. We can thaw two for dinner and fix sides in no time! Their bread dough is fabulous and also makes excellent rolls if you divide the loaf into 8 sections. We love their whole grain and rye loaves. They’re mini loaves so 1 for dinner is perfect! Their salmon steaks are excellent as well. Oh, wow! Guess I sort of sound like an advertisement for them!

    • Can you hear me chuckling, I thought the same thing (marketing for them) when I wrote this. 🙂 🙂

      • Valerie J. Patterson

        LOL! Yes, I can hear you chuckling! 😀

        One more…their oven-ready soft pretzels are YUMMY!

        And, of course you’re right about the ice cream, too!

  4. Looks great. Yum! AND easy is awesome. Our neighbor subscribes to them. I see the truck out there on occasion. Jillian

  5. I checked out the Schwan website, have never heard of it before. I suppose the equivalent over here in the UK would be Ocado, but don’t think it’s such a great range. I’m also happy not cooking.

    • I never even thought about Schwan’s not being available outside the US. There are more services like this cropping up but none that I know of that is so well known.

  6. Orange chicken is Jim’s favorite. He cooks when we are having Schwans.

  7. Like Tricia, I’ve never heard of Schwan either although we do have several firms selling door delivery of “diet” meals, very expensive and you still have to supply our own fruit and veg. My mouth waters at the chicken and orange dish. I’ve had chicken with lemon but imagine with orange is much nicer.

    • It’s a huge company with more business’s expanding global like KFC and Starbucks they might be in your neighborhood before you know it. I was surprised to stop in at a very Starbucks in Singapore and that was in 2005.

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