Daily Archives: August 24, 2015

Schwan’s – non recipe for the month

59525MDWe haven’t had a recipe in a while and we’re not really going to have one today. I’m not cooking much these days. Trying to drop some weight (it isn’t working) and just too many other more interesting things to do. Besides, like everything else, food selection is changing. Remember those first TV dinners. I tried to convince the family that they tasted good, then, when that didn’t work, that they were healthy. Yeah right, getting desperate, maybe cheap. They didn’t buy any of it.

But that was then. Now I actually like the Healthy Choice Steamers frozen foods. And Schwan’s, years ago we subscribed to their delivery service and the meals were perfect for two. Our grandson actually got us going on them. Thinking the truck was an ice cream truck, he was around ten, he waylaid the driver who promptly gave him an ice cream bar. Our first orders were ice cream and we graduated from there.

Fast forward a few years — a friend who frequently has me for dinner subscribes to them and oh my gosh the meals are delicious and the desserts, there goes the diet. Last week she made the Orange Chicken, pictured above. She had it with a fruit salad and biscuits and it fed 3 perfectly.

Check out their website at http://www.schwans.com/

Happy not cooking. ☺