Another Month Has Gone By

How did we get to August?

I can’t believe how fast the year has gone.  I’ve been writing quite a bit lately.  I’ve had some deadline creep up on me and now I’m having to really put my butt in the chair and write. And I have a book that releases today.

Bound & Teased – if you’re interested you can see it here and purchase if you wish (its half price until Sunday). Or if you prefer to use Amazon you can click here – it’s on pre-order at half price until Aug. 30th and you will receive it Aug. 31. I will warn you here that the cover is hot.

The weather is still very warm for this time a year and we’ve had some summer thunder and lightning storms.   I really hate them, but I survived.

This is how the sunset looked the other night:


I took this from my back patio.

And of course Miss Penny is loving the sun when it isn’t too hot.

This one was take earlier this week when we had a little bit of a wind (you can see her ear flying in the wind), but she was enjoying the sun anyway.


Hope everyone has a great week.


9 responses to “Another Month Has Gone By

  1. Love the wind in Penny’s ears. Such a cue pic AND good on you for getting your work done – hope you have tons and tons of sales on the new book. Jillian

  2. Good for Penny, getting her Vitamin D in spite of the wind! That’s one brave little pup. And mega-congrats on the new story releasing! I just popped over to look at your ranking and it looks like you’re getting some good sales. That’s awesome!
    Oh, and I know what you mean about storms. Thunder and lightning always used to frighten me until I had kids that were scared and I had to step up. That’s one of the few fears I’ve been able to get past. Now I can sit outside and watch with wonder. One fear down, many to go. Lol

    • Laurie, I’m in awe that you can sit outside and watch. I at least no longer run to hide under the covers. When I was little I was in Oregon and had never seen lightning hit the ground. It hit a tree in my aunt and uncles front yard and scared me to death. I ran to a neighbors house crying. That’s what happens to us city girls.

  3. I so agree, the year seems to be whizzing by. Penny looks like she’s loving life and the sunset is beautiful. I got A/C in just in time for that last 90 degree weather and my daughter got hers last Thursday so as a family we’re all cool now. Well except for the grandkids but they are young and can take it. 🙂

    • Lavanda, I got a portable A/C unit a few weeks ago. Best thing I ever did. This weather has been a killer this year. And yes, the kids can take it, they usually love it.

  4. Whew. Hot cover very cute dog!!

  5. This year certainly seems to be flying by. I love watching thunderstorms (as long as I’m not out in them!). We don’t get too many here, years ago they were frequent. Don’t know why the change. Hope things are cooling down for you but Penny certainly looks to be enjoying the warmth. And well done on the book, hope it sells well for you. 🙂

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