Cards, Cards and More Cards…

Recently, I celebrated a milestone birthday. And one of the most precious gifts I got, I got a LOT of. Cards. I love cards. I love making them (it feeds the scrapbooker’s soul in me). I love standing in the card aisle picking them out, and I love knowing that people took the time to find just the right card to give me.

Here’s the thing. I’m a writer, but I suck at coming up with just the right thing to say, in the right tone, for events requiring cards. Isn’t that strange? I love penning stories, but can’t write a jingle. Lol. So I have a healthy respect and appreciation for those who do. And I thank them. I hope they get paid well, because they dig deep into my psyche and always manage to find exactly what I want to say.

I thought I’d list a few of my faves (I keep them in a “Blessings” file that I can pull out a low moments and read):

A great sentiment:
Front: In life, there are many paths you can take and many people who share the journey.
Inside left: But it’s the special people who help you along the way, and it’s the most important people who care enough to give of themselves unconditionally that make the journey more worthwhile.
Inside right: Thank you for being one of those special people.

This one comes with a visual (I do like my wine.):
Front: P1110253
Inside: Wishing you a vintage year.
(Simple but effective and I LOVED the front of the card. Oh, I guess now you know which milestone birthday it was for me. Oh, well. It’s not bothering me…yet.)

From my wine buddy:
Front: They say a brisk walk is a great way to stay young and healthy.
Inside: The problem is the wine keeps splashing out of the glass!

And here’s simple but effective (when I was having one of those low moments):
Front: You are fabulous
Inside: If you ever forget that, please read this again.

From my older sister:
Front: You’re not old.
Inside: If you were old, that would make me old, and that is not going to happen.

My personal favorite:
Front: Holy $#@%!
Inside: What I meant was, “That’s not old.”

Oooh, just remembered another fave…
Front: Feeling thick?
Inside: Oh, thit.

And my sister-in-law received this card for her birthday:
Front: Did you know wine can actually help you lose weight on your birthday?
Inside: With a bottle in one hand and a glass in the other, you can’t pick up any cake.

Yep. Cards can congratulate, lift spirits, celebrate…anything is possible. And I tip my hat to those jingle writers. Thank you and keep ‘em coming!


13 responses to “Cards, Cards and More Cards…

  1. Thanks for sharing. Great treasures. I keep a card file too.

  2. I agree, have had a birthday recently which was enhanced by thoughtful cards. Belated birthday wishes, 60s are brilliant – I’m 68 now and “old” is a frame of mind. Enjoy the wine!

  3. Love the idea of a Blessings file. What a great thing to do. A belated Happy Birrthday, Laurie. And welcome to the ‘Sixties’ from a fellow Lioness 🙂

  4. Love all of these!! And Happy birthday! Now, why did I have it in my head that you’re a September baby?? What a great bunch of cards and here’s hoping for many more years! Jillian

  5. Hope you had a lovely birthday and welcome to the Sixties club! I’ve kept most of the birthday cards I receive and each year the box grows. What I do find annoying is when I find what seems the “perfect” card for someone else, the words inside are either too sugary, crass or rude. So I normally buy blank ones and write my own message.

    • I have a lot of scrap booking supplies and very little time these days to scrap book photos, so I’ve been making birthday cards. But I struggle to find the right thing to say a lot of the time. Kudos to you for writing your own messages!

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Laurie! I do hope you had a great day celebrating the fabulous woman you are!!

    I *Love* greeting cards. The bubbly hubby says I’m addicted to them! A few years ago, Hallmark came out with a lovely storage box for greeting cards. It has labeled file cards so you can keep your cards separated by occasion like Birthdays, Thank You, Get Well, etc. So as soon as I come back from the store, I separate them and am ready to go when I need to send.

    My very favorite card? A birthday card that had a Bible verse on the front and inside it said: Your birthday is a blessing to me because God put us here together!

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