Daily Archives: August 7, 2015

Dead Sea Minerals

Dead-Sea1As I was getting dress this morning a tube of hand and body lotion was turned and I was reading the blurb on the back. By the way I read cereal boxes too. ☺ Anyway this was the opening sentence on the blurb. “From the depth of the lowest point on Earth, from a genuine ancient spring of youth.”

So of course I had to look deeper, ah the wonders of technology and the internet.

I was surprised that there are so many cosmetic products that use minerals. The Dead Sea contain 26 essential minerals with 12 that don’t exist any other place. Some are known to have unique qualities, like making you feel relaxed, or nourishing the largest organ in our bodies, the skin. Also activating our blood systems, healing rheumatic diseases and metabolic disorders.

So is all the hype just marketing? Or… maybe not. The dead Sea has attracted visitors for thousands of years. It is one of the world’s first health resorts. Looking at the pictures it might be a great place to plan a vacation. Maybe even find the fountain of youth? ☺ ☺