Puppy Update…with a difference!

First off, a thousand apologies for my late post. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever forgotten to put up my blog on my assigned final Friday of the month. Anyway, here we go…

Being boarders for guide dog puppies is filled with fun and joy, but the only downside is when we have to say goodbye when our little charges go off to Big School (otherwise known as advanced training). We love them all, but every once in a while a pup comes along who digs into your heart and wraps themselves around it so tight it’s really hard to let them go.

That happened to me recently with Miss Vivvy. Do you remember her? A beautiful Golden Retriever we looked after several times from 15 weeks of age until she was almost a year old. Vivvy close up 15 weeksVivvy was really special, so sweet and loving and always up for a cuddle. Not that she didn’t have her little madam moments though 🙂  It was really hard to say goodbye to my little golden girl, but of course it had to be done.

A few weeks later we heard that Vivvy had been withdrawn. Her assessment as a future guide dog hadn’t gone well due to her sensitive nature. Vivvy was always nervous of the strangest things: dustbin lids, those bright yellow warning strips across steps. bubbles, and she really freaked out whenever the ironing board was around. Oh, and pet shops? Forget it. She would shake and whimper and try desperately to get out.

Of course, when we heard she was being withdrawn I jumped at the chance of adopting her. But things had progressed too far and she was already spoken for. I was upset all over again, but consoled myself that she would have a good life, and be well loved, as someone’s family pet, even though I so desperately wanted her to be ours.

Then, weeks later, our wonderful supervisor stepped in and told us that there might be a chance we could adopt her after all. I tried not to get my hopes up, but it was virtually impossible. There were a few obstacles still to tackle, but one day the phone rang…and to cut a very long story short, she was ours! We signed the adoption papers faster than you could track and are happy to report that Miss Vivvy is now an official member of the Jones family!

It took about two seconds flat for Vivvy (and us) to settle into our new routine. She seemed to remember where everything was and made herself at home so fast it was as if she’d never been away. Vivvy 8 July 15We are absolutely loving have her as our own and she’s *whisper* very spoiled *whisper*. AJ is besotted, in fact the besotting is mutual, as Vivvy follows her new daddy around all the time. Now she isn’t training to be a guide dog, we can let her play with balls, something she has taken to with gusto. My mum bought her an assortment of coloured tennis balls and she chases them around the garden, barking and jumping, and generally having a wonderful time. It didn’t take her too long to find her favourite spot in the house, and as you can see she seems  pretty contented in her new home, LOL.20150710_181618

We plan to continue boarding puppies, but we have to allow Vivvy to really settle and know that this is her permanent home. That means we can’t start boarding again for several more weeks. We think Vivy will be fine with pups around, as when we took her over to visit a fellow puppy walker who was boarding a small puppy, Vivvy very quickly put the little chap in his place when he overstepped the boundaries. That bodes well for our job, as it will be good to have a little helper around when the pups get a bit too boisterous!

As I type Vivvy is snoozing happily beside me. We are thrilled she has settled into her new home so well. Jane, my friend and new blogger here at OTBF, once gave me a lovely quote which said: If you love something, set it free. If it’s meant to be yours, it will come back to you. Looking across at Vivvy now, and thinking of the twists and turns that brought her back to us, I firmly believe that to be true.

15 responses to “Puppy Update…with a difference!

  1. What a darling, I’m so pleased it worked out for you all. She is gorgeous, looking forward to meeting Vivvy soon.

  2. I couldn’t say goodbye

  3. What an awesome story. And a perfect Sunday morning read for me, so your timing is spot on in my opinion. 🙂 I’m so glad you have brought your Vivvy home permanently. So, so glad!
    We were out at my son’s yesterday to meet a new family member here, too. A 1 1/2 year old golden retriever mix. Charlie (female) is a gem. She’s still skittish around new folks, but has the energy of a child. I’ve never seen a dog love water like her. She has a kiddie pool and frolicks in it! Even lays down in the water during the heat of the day. What a sweetie and welcome addition for us.
    Congratulations on getting your Vivvy back!

    • Thanks, Laurie. And Charlie sounds adorable. We can’t get Vivvy interested in water yet, despite having bought her a paddling pool! Still, early days. Enjoy your new addition!

  4. I agree with Laurie, a perfect post to read with Sunday morning coffee. I love the quote and how appropriate for Vivvy. Yes she looks so at home on ‘her’ couch. I remember when AJ retired and you were planning on getting a puppy. Instead you took in that first service puppy and of course had to give it up. It’s been awhile in coming but at least there are now 3 in your household. I AM SO HAPPY for all of you.

    • Thanks, Lavada! The wait has certainly been worth it. Vivvy is so special. We’re still looking forward to having the pups, and think Vivvy will make a great little mum to them while they’re here. She’s a real doll.

  5. Oh, Tricia, I can’t tell you how pleased I am that Vivvy has come home to you and AJ at last. She’s adorable and I am so looking forward to meeting her. I know you always wanted a dog of your own; now that wish has come true. 🙂

  6. This is soooo wonderful and so meant to be. So glad you got Vivvy for your forever family member. I truly believe in that adage about letting things go so they can come back to you. She’s a beautiful girl and I know you are adoring her. Jillian

  7. Valerie J. Patterson

    Great story! I’m so glad it all worked out for you and AJ and especially for Vivvy who is certain to have loads of love, cuddles and care! She really is a very pretty dog, and she most definitely looks content on your sofa! Enjoy your new furry family member, Tricia! 😛

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