Random Acts of…Dumping?

P1110086You might be wondering why I’m leading off today’s blog with a picture of, well, garbage. One morning, not too long ago, we awoke to this pile left in our driveway. A totally random collection of stuff that we then had to dispose of. We had no clue where it came from until the neighbor across the street told us they’d seen a white car unloading in our driveway. These guys just pulled in and started cleaning their car out in front of our garage! Anyhow, the neighbors, bless them, confronted the guys, who hopped in their car took off before they could leave any more, umm, stuff.

It kind of ticked us off. But more than that, it made me wonder why people do this? Why dump stuff you no longer want for someone else to clean up? I can maybe understand it in some rare instances. Like, when we visited Guatemala a few years ago, there was a lot of garbage lining the streets. Turns out, until very recently, food was wrapped in leaves, etc. All natural and biodegradable, so folks were used to just tossing wrappers. When plastic became more widely used, they kept doing the same thing. It takes a while to change a mindset and get people to realize some things never decompose. I can understand that. But this dumping in our driveway just doesn’t make sense. It seems to me, it’s just as easy to put it in your own garbage or take it to the landfill (garbage dump) or recycler.

So that’s my question for today. Why do some people do this? I’m kind of on my soapbox here, but I just don’t understand it. It’s like trying to figure out why folks throw lit cigarettes out of car windows during a hot, dry summer. I don’t get it.

And maybe I don’t want to understand. I just want folks to act responsible, you know? Okay…climbing off my soapbox… To close things out on a more positive note, here’s a few more positive things that happened on this date in history:

1793 – France passes first copyright law.
1911 – Hiram Bingham discovers Machu Pichu, the Lost City of the Incas
1938 – Instant coffee invented
1965 – Bob Dylan releases “Like a Rolling Stone.”

Hope your summer’s going well!

11 responses to “Random Acts of…Dumping?

  1. ‘Shaking head here.’ I don’t know why people do things like this. At least it wasn’t garbage, garbage, like rotting food or dirty diapers. When I see things like this a thought immediately pops into my head. “Whew, I don’t have to live with them. They aren’t related and I will never have to make nice with them.”

    Guess it takes all kinds, makes one wonder how their living conditions are and hopefully they aren’t reproducing in their image.

  2. I’d be right up on that soapbox with you, Laurie! This sort of thing makes my blood boil. Can’t tell you how many times we spot old refrigerators or washing machines lying on the side of a road. We grumble whenever we see a sign on the pavements that tells people to pick up after their dogs too. I mean, honestly? Don’t people realize this is objectionable to others?

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Tricia…do NOT get me started on dog pooh. There is a local business owner who walks his dog on the courthouse lawn and NEVER bags it. First of all, you should never walk your dog on the courthouse lawn, which has honor rolls and war memorials on it. Second of all, be respectful of where you are and clean up after your pet.

      We have a neighbor who has the most adorable little dog named Zoe. Twice a day he takes her for a walk and he ALWAYS has a pooper scooper with him and plenty of bags. He is ALWAYS respectful of his neighbors and never leaves behind what wasn’t there in the first place.

      Two different pet owners, two different mindsets. We share this planet. Be respectful of others whether it be garbage or dog pooh!

    • It’s insane how people think it’s okay to dump their stuff on others. I’m with you and Valerie on the dog doodoo, too. We walk in a local park regularly and so many times, we see poop right in the middle of the lane we walk in. Geesh.

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    They probably dumped it on your driveway because their garbage company wouldn’t take it. Here in PA, we have to pay for garbage collection, and sometimes people set out stuff like that and it doesn’t get collected…mainly because of how it was set out. Sometimes, it requires an extra fee to pick up certain items like furniture and they don’t want to pay it so they leave it beside the road, on the Interstate, or near a wooded area.

    People are thoughtless. By leaving it on your driveway, they were making it your problem, and removing it from being their problem.

    At least it wasn’t one of your neighbors! In our neighborhood, we have a family that leaves trash all over their own yard. A good wind comes along and BOOM! it’s all over other people’s lawn, who then act responsibly and pick it up and dispose of it responsibly. Grrrr

    • You’re right. I’m glad it’s not a neighbor. And we don’t have any sort of “large garbage” removal here, just our little can we put out every other week. So adding something like this takes time to get rid of. Yep. Grrr is the right emotion. Sigh.

  4. Climbing on the soapbox too. We have a big problem in the UK with fly-tipping as we call it here. Mostly by lazy people who can’t be bothered to take it to the municipal tip because the binmen are unable to take it. If they can dump it on the roadside or verge, they have no excuse not to go to the tip. Really makes me angry. These people are just thoughtless and selfish.

    Thankfully, we don’t have any bother with dog pooh here, it always gets picked up. Now all we need to do is teach people not to toss litter in the street – crisp packets, takeaway food wrappings etc etc. And it’s often the adults who are the worst culprits. Some people just have no pride and think they are above the law, that the rules don’t apply to them. But we shouldn’t need rules or laws to stop this sort of thing. I was always taught to take my rubbish home.

    Right, best get off the box before I fall.

    Good topic, Laurie.

    • Yep, I think we all feel exactly the same way about this. It’s crazy. And yes, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s all about pride. In our places, ourselves, our earth.

  5. That’s nuts. What a weird thing to happen. What is wrong with people??!! Sorry you had to deal with that but at least you are good stewards of the land. 🙂 AND how cool that Machu Piccu was found on the same day as instant coffee was invented. What would the Incas think of that? AND would they add chocolate to the coffee? 🙂 Jillian

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