Everyone’s Doing Things Except Me

Jillian here.  The last weeks have been a real grind for me. It seems that all I do i work, work and then work some more. It’s tough sometimes being responsible all the time. Working the way I do, I am at the mercy of other people’s schedules a lot of the time and can’t just take time off without hassle. I’m not complaining about it but sometimes, it’s tough. In fact, I was initially going to see Lavada and Laurie in July but a court date got set and I had to move my plans.

#2 son, his best friend and the spouse went (driving, mind you) to Acadia National Park in Maine, via Pittsburgh to visit Falling Water, the Frank Lloyd Wright- built house. They were gone for ten days. I wasn’t jealous because it’s a long drive (over 23 hours each way) and they camped for part of it. I’m not a fan of tent camping. Too old for that. LOL!  The one thing I would’ve liked to do that they did was visit #1 son for a day and a half. They got to see the new house he and his wife just closed on.

#2 son is now in Paris for the semester abroad and #1 son has redone all the floors in his new house as well as painted the interior and moved in. They also had a great night out when his wife had her birthday. My husband just came back from a weekend in Pittsburgh learning more moves and testing for his next level of black belt. My sister is in Boston on a work/pleasure trip and my parents just got back from visiting family in North Alabama.

Me? I went on that two day trip to Birmingham for the writing workshop. AND worked. And worked. And worked.

Really, really looking forward to my trip to Seattle. 🙂

11 responses to “Everyone’s Doing Things Except Me

  1. You are definitely overdue for a vacation, my friend. And wow, you have another couple months to wait? Can you eke out a day to drive over for a Beignet? It might feed your soul and get you through until it’s your turn to get out of Dodge for a much needed change of scenery.

    • Funny you say that about the beignet. I am debating driving over to New Orleans on the 31st- I took that day off but #2 son gets in late on the 30th so I may hang with him and hear all about his adventures. BUT NOLA is def. a good place to go- except July is brutal there. LOL

  2. Yep overdue for sure. But you’re lucky to be so close to New Orleans. And, Sept. is right around the corner. By the way let us know what you’d like to see/do and I’m with you on the camping thing not being a preference.

    Having you son to share his adventures will help.

    • Yes. September will be here soon and it’s going to be a blast! I am not picky at al l about where we go. I do want to see the market for sure.

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    Falling Water is lovely and I’ve been there several times. Never tire of great architecture! I genuinely hope nothing thwarts your plans in September! 😛

    • Thanks Valerie. I’ve never seen it in person but my son was impressed. AND yep, nothing better thwart ,y plans. I DID have a hearing get set for the Thursday I’ll be gone but I am going to settle that case!!

  4. You’ll enjoy your holiday all the more for having to wait, Jillian. And I’m with you on the camping. No thank you!

  5. You’re vacation will be all the better for the wait; am sure it will be fabulous. And camping not for me either. Have too many soggy, miserable childhood memories under canvas to put me off for good. September isn’t far away now. Enjoy each moment.

    • Thanks Kit. I, too camped a lot as a kid and I think that’s why I don’t have any further desire. My parents bought a large, nice motor home when the kids we’re grown. That seemed unfair. Lol. And I am hopeful for an awesome holiday when September rolls around.


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