As most of you probably know I LOVE county fair.  Ours starts this week and we have another the week after, so we have been super busy.  I thought this might slow down if we didn’t take cows but it seems we are busier than ever.  I have spent the last few weeks helping my youngest granddaughter and her cousins get ready.  They do cooking (which I am terrible at), photography, poultry and goats (lots of goats).  Jamie has nine at fair this year.  I keep counting to make sure that’s right and I’m sure it is.  We have been working on goat parts, diseases and just general knowledge.  Now this is from a cow person who knows absolutely nothing about goats—at least I didn’t but boy do I now.  Just ask me I probably have studied it the past few weeks.  The girls are excited and hopefully all will go great this week.  Goats are safely in their stalls and you can hear them yelling all the way to the campground.  Of course, if Jamie goes up there they all quiet down right away.

Now Missy, my little dog has another problem.  Honest I have holes in my socks from her pulling me away from the door.  As soon as the trailer was ready to go she started in.  Years ago we could take our dogs to fair and they loved it and the little kids going through the barns liked the dogs better than the big, old cows.  Now that has changed and we can’t even take them into the camp ground.  I am lucky because Jim stays home with them and just comes up on show days, but I really do miss them.

Hope each of you is having a fun summer and if you have a minute stop by a County Fair, you’ll love it—really!

7 responses to “JULY and FAIR TIME!!

  1. Yikes, you’ll need to keep counting to make sure you don’t leave any behind. (goats, not kids) A number of years ago, the rule of having dogs at horse shows at fair grounds changed. A bad thing as most all horse people are dog people. Enjoy, and keep cool. 🙂

  2. Wow. That’s a lot of goats. And poutry? Did you count the chickens? I’d love to see some of the photography they entered. And I love how enthusiastic they are…you too. These glimpses of your life are Americana at it’s best, Nancy. Thank you for letting us be part of it all.

  3. Enjoy the fairs, Nancy! And it’s good to know your knowledge of goats has increased, LOL! Love reading your posts. Have fun 🙂

  4. awesome!! AND I know you’re having fun- especially keeping all those goats rounded up. Hate that you have to leave the dogs at home though. Jillian

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    Nancy, hope last week was a good week, and that this week is going well. Near where I live is the oldest running fair in the country. It’s the Jacktown Fair and this year was its 150th year. I have never been, but their slogan is: You can’t die happy unless you’ve been to the Jacktown Fair! 😛

  6. Loved your post, Nancy. Never been to a country fair; they sound a lot of fun.

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