And the heat goes on

That is how the weather has gone since my last post.  We’ve broken records here in Washington for the heat.  It wouldn’t be so bad if we cooled off a night but we haven’t been.

Luckily this weekend, we’re supposed to cool down to the mid 70’s which is much better than the high 80’s and low 90’s.  And we might get some rain, which will be good news for my grass that is looking mighty brown.

And since I don’t have air conditioning, Penny and I have been cooling off the best we can.  I have ordered a portable air conditioning unit which will arrive next week because according to the weather service we will get hot again.

I’ve pulled fans out and have had them running.  And Penny with her little fur coat I worry about her.  So, she now has her own personal fan 🙂

At first she wasn’t sure about it, but after a few minutes of sniffing around it and staring at it she decided it was okay.

Here’s a picture of her before the fan:


and here’s a picture of her and her fan:


I have also put a wet wash cloth over her body to help her cool off, but she doesn’t like that as much. I think once I get the air conditioning until she’ll be so much happier.

Have a great month.

7 responses to “And the heat goes on

  1. I’ve lived most of my life in the pacific nw and haven’t seen weather like this. A lot of homes don’t have A/C including me. But I’m scheduled for a heat pump the 22nd.

    Penny is a lucky puppy. And looks like a happy one with her very own fan. One good thing is with this heat we stay in where it’s cool so getting in some writing time.

  2. Lavada, I’m glad you’re getting a heat pump it will help. I’m getting a portable AC unit set to deliver next Monday. At least I can keep the family room and kitchen cool. My house has been so warm writing has been a challenge.

  3. I LOVE the Penny-fan. That is one well-loved (and well-deserving) puppy. 🙂 I’m also loving today as it’s quite a bit cooler. I’m glad you’ve made it through this bit of trial-by-heat. Enjoy the reprieve, and keep the Penny pictures coming. 🙂

  4. I’m glad little Penny is enjoying her own personal fan. I feel so sorry for the fur babies when the temperatures soar, they must be so uncomfortable. Stay cool everyone!

  5. awww, sweet Penny with her fan. You are so sweet to her and I know she loves it. It’s too hot for man or beast or cute doggy. 🙂 Jillian

  6. Pleased Penny’s feeling cooler thanks to her fan. Hope things are cooling down over there now. PS: please send some warmth our way, it’s blooming horrible here in the UK at the moment – gales and rain and almost chilly enough to put the central heating on. Think I might go back to Spain! 😉

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