Quickly Hopping In

100_6699Hello, Bunny here. By the time you read this, Kit, her two sisters and I will be far away, having jetted off to sunny Spain for a holiday. No Mum this time, the old girl feels 89 too old to go travelling, and I can’t say I blame her, airports and coaches are tiresome.

No doubt Kit will regale you all with our exploits in Nerja when we returns.

new chairMeanwhile, little George has had his cast removed and all is doing well. The poor lad has six bolts in each hip but everything has fused well and the surgeon is delighted at his progress. George is even more delighted as he’s got a new, super-duper wheelchair.

Dig those gorgeous blue wheels!

Kit was a bit worried about leaving the garden at this time of year but hopefully Dave will keep an eye on it and do some watering, which probably won’t be necessary as no doubt it will tip with rain at the weekend.

She didn’t replace the fence panel as she and Dave and the neighbours are discussing building a wall instead. Costly but will save a lot of wind blown hassle.100_6906

Right, I’m hopping off again to get a few last rays of sun before we fly home. Talk to you all again soon.


11 responses to “Quickly Hopping In

  1. Well, Bunny, we’ve been wondering where you’ve been. I’m so glad you get another adventure. And Spain! You are so lucky. I hope you get just the right amount of warmth (we’re over-warm in my neck of the woods and have been for a couple weeks) and that Kit’s flowers get watered both by Dave and just enough raindrops to make them glow with health. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Nice to see you hear Bunny. Sunny Spain sounds heavenly. I live close to Laurie and she’s right in that our weather here as been unlike the Pacific NW. Hot, hot, and more hot. My garden could use a good douse of rain. Have a nice trip home. Kit’s garden is lovely, a great place to hang out in.

    • Great trip and at this moment Kit is busy writing up her post about it. The garden suffered in the unusual heat in the UK whilst we were away, though. Now suffering more thanks to rain and gales. Typical UK summer really.

  3. Hi Bunny, hope you’re having a super-duper time in sunny Spain with Kit and her sisters. Kit’s flowers should be okay. We had a heatwave last week, but it’s turned cooler with rain now, Lovely to see little George is doing well and love his fab new wheelchair. Stay cool, Bunny and have a safe trip home.

  4. hey Bunny!! I know Kit treated you right on your trip to Spain. Looks like the wine was flowing. AND what an awesome wheelchair George has. Does he let you cruise along with him once in a while? Kit’s flowers are lovely. Jillian and Hobbes

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    Howdy Bunny! I trust you kept Kit safe during her travels! Hopefully she came home to find the garden alive and growing. Cool set of wheels for George, too! Bet he’s enjoying the freedom of mobility without the casts! ๐Ÿ˜›

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