37 Calorie Brownies

About time for a recipe? I got this one from Nancy. I haven’t tried it yet but it’s on my todo list. With only 37 calories how can I go wrong? Umm maybe by eating the whole pan. Guess that would do it.



9 responses to “37 Calorie Brownies

  1. Printing this…right now. Gotta try them!

  2. I’ve made these a couple of times and they’re a hit with AJ. He likes them with ice cream. Yum!

  3. And you know if we were together we wod have to double the recipe😀😀

  4. will have to try these. Jillian

  5. Did some updates on this machine and having trouble replying but seem to be able to comment.

    Let us know when you try these Jillian. I don’t do much baking these days.

  6. Shall definitely be making these. Hubby loves my brownies but these sound less “guilty”. Will let you know the verdict. Thanks, Lavada.

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