A Big Step For #1 Son and Wife: NO, Not That! No Babies Yet

Jillian here. My son and his wife have been married for a year and eight months. They live in Rhode Island now and about six months ago decided they would look for a home to buy. They had some ups and downs on the quest for the right place. There was one in particular they absolutely saw as a place they could call home but the sellers were unbelievable in their expectations and totally crazy. They jerked my son and daughter-in-law around for a while and finally, thankfully, son had enough and said, “No more. we’ll find another house. An even better one.”

photo 2

AND they did. I’m so proud of them for sticking to it and getting themselves a nice home that they can grow in and set down roots.  They closed on Friday, the 12th and spent this past weekend sanding the floors downstairs to refinish them before they move in.

The house was built in 1945 and has some nice features as well as the original backsplash in the kitchen. I think they did well.

They are super-excited to be homeowners. Check it out.

photo 1photo 3


12 responses to “A Big Step For #1 Son and Wife: NO, Not That! No Babies Yet

  1. That’s way cool! They have to be SO excited. Congratulations to your son and daughter-in-law. The house is adorable. So…do I sense a trip to RI in the near future??? 🙂

    • It is awesome! AND yep, I am going in October. I was going to go earlier this year but they weren’t sure when they were closing and I didn’t want to get in the middle of the move and all that. LOL-

  2. So exciting. I watch HGTV and love seeing people purchase that first home. And, yep, I too am seeing trip in your near future.

    • It is very exciting, Lavada. I love to watch those shows, too. I am going up in October. I’ve always wanted to go to Salem in the fall and it’s about 90 miles from them so we’re going to do that.

  3. Nice!! It looks like a “home”. Best of luck to them.

  4. So pleased for them. First house is always so exciting and good for them for walking away from the other one. Fate plays a good hand. Am sure house will be filled with many happy memories and lots of laughter. 🙂

    • Thanks! And I am with you, KIt, on the escaping the other house. To me, it would always be tainted with that experience. AND yes, they will have lots of love, laughter and memories there.

  5. That’s great, Jillian. And well done to them for not letting sellers jerk them around. That makes me so mad. Their house looks gorgeous and I truly hope they’ll make many happy memories there.

    • Thanks Tricia. They seem to already be settling into home ownership nicely. They are full of plans and ideas. AND I am so glad they finally decided not to let those sellers jerk them around any longer.

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    Nice looking couple and a lovely new home! I wish them many happy moments in the years to come there! 😛

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