It’s Hot Out There

Well, summer has made an early appearance here in Western Washington.  I wouldn’t mind so much if I didn’t dislike anything over 75 degrees.

I’ve had all the fans in the house on trying to keep it cool.  Of course, Miss Penny loves it.  She’ll go out and lay in the bark in the sun, or just stand on the concrete in it.  I worry about her little paws.  But when it’s super hot out, she only goes out for a few minutes then runs back in.

Plus it was a good thing I had her groomed last week otherwise she’d be wearing a thick fur coat.

Of course you knew it was coming, here’s a picture of her the other day. I was surprised she let me get this picture.


She came in and flopped over in her bed and wanted her belly scratched and stayed there while I got the pictures.  She’s such a sweet little thing.

Penny takes the heat in stride, but then she does sleep a lot after being outside, now only if I could do that.

Have a great week.


6 responses to “It’s Hot Out There

  1. I know what you mean. Seems like I was just complaining about too many gray days and now…well, I guess we like a good mix, eh? I do like my seasons. And I think we’re all worried about this early heat wave. June is usually one of our rainy months. LOVE the pic and tell Penny hi from me!

  2. It is early for the heat but the year we put an A/C in the other house it got into the high 80’s in April. Got the unit in and it was a mild cool summer. Go figure. This house has an almost natural A/C. So far I haven’t put a unit in it but after the one day this past week I’m keeping a log to see how many days I would turn it on if I had it. The neighbor said they only had theirs on 3 times last year.

    Penny is adorable.

  3. She’s such a cutie. AND smart to come in when it gets too hot for her. I love that she wanted a belly rub when she came in. Hobbes also sleeps a lot when he’s been outside. It must be stimulating to them and wipes them out. Jillian

  4. What a cute dog!! I can’t get Missy out if it’s cd but she loves the hot and will lay out in it . I’m with you 75 works great for me!!

  5. Lovely photo of Penny. Give her a tummy rub from me too. I love the heat – the hotter the better for me. Sadly, over here we’ve had very little of it so far. Our summer’s arriving late this year, if it comes at all.

  6. Penny is SO adorable! I’m not a fan of very hot weather, but do like the sun and a comfortable warm day 🙂

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