Super Excited!!

I booked my plane tickets to head to the west coast to visit our very own Laurie and Lavada in September. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Laurie at RWA in NYC a few years ago and am looking forward to getting to meet Lavada in person. I just know I’m going to adore her as much as I do Laurie. It’s always cool to meet people in person that you know online. It’s even better when you find they are as real and personable in the flesh as they are online and that you “get” each other. Having romance writing, reading and love of family and friends in common is already a great way to start a relationship, right?

The only downside to the trip? The flight times were awful. I could either get up before dawn or fly all night. UGH.  I picked the up at dawn since I will have to travel for work on the Monday after I get back and knew I would need to sleep in a bed. Why, oh why, does the travel industry want to punish people?

Jillian and Laurie at RWA

Jillian and Laurie at RWA

I’m adding a link to a video to See You in September even though most of the lyrics don’t match since they are about lovers,  but I adore the lyrics about counting the hours and the minutes. 🙂

Have you ever met someone you’ve bonded with online? How did it go? Were they what you expected?


33 responses to “Super Excited!!

  1. Yay!!!!! We can hardly wait! New York was awesome, but this will be even better! No conference getting in the way of visiting. 🙂

  2. Soooo looking forward to your visit. And yes, Nancy and I met online and then found out we’re only about an hour from each other. The great thing is that from our very first brunch, we meet half way, our guys clicked. It was like the four of us had been friends forever. Nancy and Jim far exceeded what we had expected.

    I’m still waiting for Tricia to make her way over the pond. Our friendship started in an online workshop. What, like eight year ago?

    • That’s so cool Lavada. I love that you hit it off so well with Nancy and her husband. And that yours got to know them too. Awesome. We need to get Tricia over here. For sure. And Kit. Or maybe we all head over there?


  3. Iceland sounds good to me. At least you, Kit and Tricia are on the coasts. Laurie and I are clear across a continent.

  4. Iceland? Did I hear Iceland? Been there. Loved it. Want to go back… 🙂

  5. Oh no you don’t Jillian, you started this. She did Laurie, it wasn’t me.

    Wow, we’ll never get a deal like that one. $400, but what the heck it’s only money. 🙂

    I want to see the Pics you have from Iceland too.

    Kit and Tricia, you better get started on this thread before you find all three of us on your doorsteps. 🙂

    • Even better…let’s show up on their doorsteps! I LIKE it. And I believe Jillian has a special spot in her heart for that neck of the world???

    • LOL Lavada. Toss that ball back at me!! 😉 AND that $400.00 WAS a massive bargain. Included airfare and hotel. WOW. AND Tricia and Kit are probably going to be shaking their heads. Are we going to pack Nancy, Valerie and Marie in our luggage? We can’t leave them here alone.

  6. See how helpful we are, Laurei? Next time you have no clue what to blog about….. ICELAND!! You can thank us later.  Now, get hopping on that work. 

  7. Yay! There’s some super-duper plotting going on around here, and it’s not on the WiPs!! Love it. And I know I speak for Kit when I say we would love you all to turn up on our doorsteps! Did you mention Iceland? I’m up for that! One of those places I’ve wanted to visit for ages. You girls have fun meeting up in September, and carry on plotting. One of these days we’re all going to meet up and have one massive get-together, I just know it 🙂

  8. No way? You’re meeting up with Lavada and Laurie and leaving us behind? I think some serious scheming is afoot. And all this talk of Iceland? Did someone mention Iceland? A place I’d love to go. If you folks want to mosy on over here, come on, we’re up for it! Tricia and I are all for meeting up with you guys in the not to distant future; we were saying the same just a few days ago. Then look out for a massive party. Sorry – a massive get together, like Tricia said. Writers don’t have parties, do they? Huh-hum. You have a fabulous time in September and we want to hear all about it. 🙂 (And carry on plotting as Bunny’s in need of a travel fix)

  9. Valerie J. Patterson

    What a great trip you have planned, Jillian. Enjoy the west coast and these two lovely ladies! I imagine you’ll be laughing and hugging and chatting the entire time. Enjoy! 😛

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